Joey Boots wins Freedom of Speech Case

Back in March, a Howard Stern fan named Joey Boots, spotted a WABC news van and knew that a reporter was about to go live from Union Square in New York City.

His goal was to pull off a perfectly-timed “Booey Bomb,” which is the childish tradition of jumping behind a reporter and shouting, “Baba Booey! Howard Stern’s Penis!” in honor of both Stern and Gary Dell’Abate. Sure enough, Joey Boots made the 4 PM report and nobody from WABC was pleased about it, especially the reporter on the scene who tried to have him arrested.

Boots knew his rights, though, and the cops couldn’t arrest him. But as he recorded and eventually posted to his YouTube account, the cops were waiting for him when the 5 PM report was filming, and as he shouted, “Baba Booey!” he was grabbed by some officers and ticketed for disorderly conduct.

Boots told Vice yesterday, though, that he was determined to stand up for himself and refused to pay the fine, because it is simply not illegal to shout, “Howard Stern’s penis!” in front of a camera.

And a New York judge agreed with Boots by dismissing the case. This man no longer has to pay for being annoying, and he is free to keep booey bombing local news reports.