Paying Tribute To George Harvey

George Harvey better known as “Crackhead Bob” to long-time listeners of The Howard Stern Show has died. He was 56-years-old.

George Bob HarveyThe first person in line to buy Howard Stern’s book Miss America in New York. Bob’s name is actually George Harvey but he has trouble saying his own name. Bob had a stroke after smoking some crack and hasn’t been normal since.

George Harvey first joined the Stern Show in 1995 after Howard and his crew noticed him and many of their public appearances.

He had a very bad speech impediment but also became one of the biggest stars on the show. In the summer of 2001 Bob decided not to appear on the Howard Stern show anymore because his personal life took priority at that time. Bob returned to the show on October 18, 2005 after his 4-year hiatus.

“He was a huge champion of our show,” Howard said. “He was always the first in line at any of the signings.”

Within the past year and a half, the Stern Show also lost fellow “Wack Pack” members Eric the Actor, Johnny Fratto and Riley Martin.

The cause of Mr. Harvey’s death remains unknown at this time.

The Stern Show said it best: Gone far too soon. We’ll miss you, Bob.