Benjy has Herpes

Howard took a call from a guy who said he was sorry to hear about Benjy’s herpes. Benjy flipped out and said that they have to put a stop to this. He said he wants to say that Fred is a pedophile. Fred said that he’s working on getting rid of the pedophile thing. Howard said that he can make this go away if he wants but he has to stop making such a big deal out of it. Howard said no one thought he had it and Benjy is the only one who is making a big deal out of it.

Howard said he will tell Mutt not to talk about it on Superfan Roundtable tonight. He said that Benjy shouldn’t have reacted to Gary’s analogy on the Wrap Up Show. That’s what caused all of this to happen. Benjy said that no one is saying that he actually has it and it’s all a joke. Benjy said that Howard would put a stop to it all if they were doing this with Beth. The caller was laughing his ass off while Howard and Benjy were going through this.

Howard asked Mutt not to talk about the herpes thing tonight. Howard asked how he can stop Benjy from reacting to this. Benjy said he knows how. Howard didn’t know how.

Pam asked if Benjy was serious about this. Howard said he is. Pam said it’s not that big of a deal. Benjy said that dating is hard enough and dealing with this is making it worse. The caller asked if he’s using the cream or the pill. He laughed at himself the whole time.

Robin said that no one cares and Benjy is the only one who wants everyone tested. Benjy said he’s the only one who is clean there. Howard said no one thought he had herpes but he’s protesting so much and that’s what’s making these people call in.

Pam told Benjy that the kind of girl that he’s looking to attract is going to believe him if he says he doesn’t have it. Fred said that he knows that Benjy doesn’t have herpes but frequent bouts with stress can cause break outs. Howard kept telling Benjy that no one thinks he has it and that’s that.

Howard had Mutt on the phone again and asked him to not discuss the herpes. Mutt said he had Benjy’s doctor lined up for the show but he won’t do that if he doesn’t want to. Mutt said he wanted to discuss his reaction to the whole thing because it’s so weird. Howard said it really is weird. Artie said that doing that makes it seem like he does have it. That’s the irony in the whole thing.

Irish John called in and asked Pam if she ever heard the stories that Howard’s mom used to tell him. Pam never had to hear that stuff. Howard said that she just told him all of those stories and filled him with her fears.

Benjy has herpes (recap)

Howard asked Benjy what was up with his meltdown on the Wrap Up Show yesterday. Howard said he was way off and out of his mind. Benjy said Gary was making a joke and he was trying to prove that nothing was true about what he said. Howard said he was a little nutty about it though.

A caller said that Benjy is all over the internet with the herp’s and oozing wounds. Benjy said that he’s not. Howard asked if he was really going that berserk over that stuff. Benjy figured it was better to say he was just joking around. Howard said it didn’t sound like he was.

Howard played a clip from the Wrap Up Show where Benjy was talking about his night terrors and they compared that to having herpes. Benjy said that he didn’t have herpes and he wasn’t sure why Gary was saying that. He kept saying that he didn’t have them but Gary never said he did, he just compared telling a girl about night terrors is like telling a girl about having herpes.

Howard played more of the clip and Benjy continued to freak out when they talked about the herpes thing. Then Jon and Gary started joking around with him and got him even more worked up.

Howard said it was very clear that they were talking about a hypothetical situation and that led to everyone else goofing on Benjy saying he did have herpes. Benjy agreed that he handled it poorly.

Howard said they kept jerking Benjy around about it and he kept freaking out more and more. Howard played a clip where Sal called in as a fan and told Benjy he hopes he gets them checked out. Jason also called in and joked that they had posted it on Howard’s Twitter page. Benjy then started joking about Jason cheating on his wife to get back at him.

Gary said there were a bunch of callers goofing on Benjy. He said he heard that there were threads on SternFanNetwork and Benjy was threatening to sue if they didn’t take them down over there. Benjy said that it’s all over the internet now. He said he has to put a stop to it somehow. Howard said he heard it and figured the guy was having a meltdown.

Benjy wants to have a test done to prove he doesn’t have it. Howard said that’s fine but no one thinks he does have herpes. Benjy said that he wants everyone there to have a full medical test. Howard said he’s not sure if he’s putting him on but he’s acting very peculiar. He said he’s acting very odd and it’s weirding everyone out. Artie was starting to move closer to Howard because of his behavior.

Howard told Benjy to calm down. Benjy said he has a doctor who will confirm he doesn’t have herpes. Fred said that he keeps going on like he does have it and he has to stop that. Howard said that people are going to torture him over this. He said that he’s going to be tortured over it even more if he continues to act like this.

Benjy said that Howard has the power to stop this. Howard said he really doesn’t but he put the word out that everyone should stop goofing on him.

Howard said that Benjy brought this on himself. He said no one thought he had herpes but Benjy brought this on himself by saying that he didn’t have it and kept insisting that he didn’t. Artie said he thinks that it’s a cry out for attention. Howard said he might be right about that.

Howard said Benjy claims that he has a doctor who will call in but he doesn’t believe he even has a doctor. He said it’s probably someone he knows. Fred joked that it was Dr. Sheila and Sheila is an ex-girlfriend of his.

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