Howard Stern Endorses Artie Lange For Mayor Of Hoboken

Yesterday during a Howard 100 News segment, Howard Stern announced his official endorsement of Artie Lange for Mayor of Hoboken.

I support Artie Lange for Mayor, said the King of All Media, Howard Stern.

This is an enormous boost for the campaign, said Campaign Manager Bob Abouey, We are encouraged by Howard’s enthusiasm for the campaign.

As for the candidate himself, Artie Lange has yet to decide whether or not he will run for Mayor. We realize that Artie is a little skeptical about the campaign and is probably wondering why he would want to serve as Mayor, said Abouey, In truth, this campaign isn’t about Artie Lange, it’s about the future of Hoboken. If Artie decides that he does not want to be an official candidate, then we will have no choice but to move forward with the write-in election without him.

The Campaign to Elect Artie Lange Mayor of Hoboken is a grassroots effort to write-in Artie Lange as Mayor of Hoboken in November.

Artie Lange for next Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey

An anonymous Artie Lange fan who refers to himself only as Bob Abouey has started a grass roots campaign to elect the Howard Stern Show co-host as the next Mayor of Hoboken, New Jersey. Hoboken’s recently elected Mayor Peter Cammarano served only 30 days in office before being he was arrested for participating in an international corruption scandal. A special election for the Mayor of Hoboken position is scheduled for this November.

On August 11th, Bob Abouey launched a press release announcing the Artie Lange for Mayor campaign. In addition to praising Artie Lange for his down-to-earth life approach,

Bob Abouey pointed to several other qualities that made him a good match for the Hoboken Mayor position:
A former longshoreman with a rap sheet should have no problem getting elected in Hoboken. It’s practically a requirement. The fact that he was All-County in high school is icing on the cake.

Abouey openly admits that the Artie Lange for Mayor campaign doesn’t have the official endorsement of the candidate himself. Artie Lange’s boss Howard Stern, however, is in full support of the campaign. The King of All Media suggested it would be a good opportunity for Lange to do some public service. Howard Stern also suggested that as his first order of business, Artie Lange could pardon himself for his recent DUI charge. And on top of it all, offered Stern as an additional selling point: “You could legalize heroin.

With Stern’s encouragement, Artie Lange took an on-air moment to contemplate his platform and then proudly announced:

I would legalize all drugs and tax the s— out of them,” said Lange. With Artie Lange as Mayor, it seems Hoboken would become a real life version of Amsterdam from Season 3 of The Wire.

And what Artie Lange do with all of that drug revenue? Police would get $200,000 a year and firemen would start at $150,000.