Artie Lange: “Howard Stern Hates My Guts”

Artie Lange was interviewed by Maxim magazine last week. He spoke about his relationship with Howard Stern after leaving the show.

What is your current relationship with Howard Stern like?

Artie Lange 2016After I left the show, I went into intensive care for four days. Then I went to a psych ward for three days, and then I got transferred to a rehab. About two weeks after it happened, I got a call at rehab from Howard, and it was very nice. I called him when I got out of rehab, and he called me back. That was in February of 2010. He told me to call back and let him know how I was doing. I took it to mean that maybe they wanted me back as a guest or just to give an update, and I thought I owed them that. I called them about a month later in March 2010. Then I called again and left a message and apologized and said, “This is the last time I’m calling, I won’t bug you any more. Never heard back.

A year and a half later, my book was coming out. I didn’t wanna call them, but I was being respectful of a company, Random House, paying me big cash to write a book. I said, “I’ll at least try.” Just to be a guest on the show and talk about the book, which every fan on Twitter was begging to happen. [Stern show producer]Gary [Dell’Abate] calls back a day later and he says, very coldly, “It’s just not going to happen.” And I regret that I gave him the chance to say that, because I didn’t even want to make the call. I said, “OK” and hung up.

Unbeknownst to me, the book company tries to buy ad time on the show, and this is when I really knew I was persona non grata. Ad sales never turns down anything. It could be dick cream. Random House was gonna pay top dollar, and they turned them down. That’s the first time I ever heard them doing that. Spincterine, where you put a mint in your ass to make it smell better? They took an ad for it. My book, which was No. 1 on the best seller list, they wouldn’t do it because Howard put the kibosh on it personally. I said, “The guy hates my guts.” I wrote him off the way he did me. I really wanted to have that long conversation in person where I said, “I’m sorry for becoming a heroin addict. We were doing great for 7 years. I apologize for that last year when I was a junkie.

The fact that someone I had that relationship with won’t see me in person for ten minutes, it’s astonishingly immature and crazy. It’s surreal to me. – Arite Lange

Should Redskins make name change?

Howard Stern weighed in on the Washington Redskins name change controversy:

“It’s so offensive. And that logo is that big Redskin. It’s like you had the Washington N-Words and you had SAMBO with his watermelon.”

Stern went on to chastise NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and Skin’s owner Daniel Snyder. “Just change the fucking name.”

Before describing the plight of the American Indian: “Home of the free, land of the brave, meanwhile we came over to this country, stole their land, fucking shit on them and killed them all. Rewrote history to make it seem like they were savages and we all bought into it. So give them a fucking bone and change the goddamn name already. These guys are nuts.”

Artie Lange Rolling Stone Interview

Are you going to go back on Howard to promote the book?

I don’t know. I haven’t set foot in there. Howard is afraid he’s gonna say the wrong thing and set me off. He’s like, “God forbid something happens.” What happened was real intense. The times I’ve talked to him, he’s been real supportive. He’s happy for me that I’m back on track and doing better, but actually being on the show . . . He’s afraid something might happen. I’m not saying it won’t happen. Gary [Dell’Abate] has the book. He’s reading the book . . . Look, if he does, he does. I’m not going to put any pressure on him because the guy has done everything for me, and he’s just been amazing. But if he feels it’s too intense and too risky to do it, that’s gonna be his decision. And that’s fine. I told the book company not to press him at all.

I think he got freaked out. Howard didn’t how bad you were and he believed all your lies, and then he saw the truth and it shattered him.

Right. He was like, “You need professional help.” And he was right, of course. And I was working there when it happened. He’s thinking, “What if he goes back and something triggers something?”

Howard said recently on the show that you saw him at the hospital when you both visited Robin at the same time.

artie lange rolling stoneYeah. I saw him there. We talked for an hour. And it was just me, him and Robin for a while. We laughed like old times, like we were on the air. It was the day after Robin’s big operation and she was in great spirits. She look great. I told her she was just so confident and she really is such a strong person. But we were goofing around with her like everything was fine. We laughed like crazy.

At the end, he gave me a big hug and he said, “Congrats on the show.” I said “Thanks” and “I’ll talk to you soon” or whatever. And then I gave him a big hug. That was it, and I talked to Robin for an hour after that. I sat with her, and if she was scared about what was going to happen, she didn’t let me see. It seems like she got through it, which is great.

It’s weird how time rolls on. Howard is gonna be 60. Bruce Springsteen is almost 65 and time is rolling, man. It’s daunting to think that one day that show might not be around. But I don’t think Howard wants to slow down. I know that money isn’t an issue for Howard. He likes to be relevant, hence the America’s Got Talent thing. And he’s good at it. I think he’s gearing up for another big situation because Howard TV is going away, whether it’s a web thing or another more traditional-type talk show. I don’t know. I would love to see what kind of web presence he would have.

You wrote in the book that after your suicide attempt, you held out some hope you’d return to the show at some point.

Sure. In my head I said, “Well, maybe I can still make this work again. Maybe I’m not so ready to move on.” But then I really thought about it. I thought about the position I put them in. I said to myself, “Well, oK, that’s probably not going to work.” But there was definitely a time where I said to myself, “I can do this again.” Then I said to myself, “OK, well, now what?” And my agents and managers didn’t abandon me. They were there and they said, “OK. We’ll just try to find a gig for you.” And then I got a call from Nick DiPaolo. He said that DirecTV was a fan of his and mine and wanted to maybe do this show. And I said, “Oh my God. All right. Let’s get right back on the horse.” And we did a test show and in a few months we had a deal.

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Robin Quivers: ‘Howard’s the Reason I’m Alive’

Robin opened up to Extra host Beth Stern, about how Howard Stern helped her through tough times. “It was rough for all of us because right away he took it to heart and I think he was more concerned for me than I was concerned myself.”

Beth chimed in, “He was up night after night throughout your whole ordeal, I was comforting him, you are our family, he loves you so much.”

Robin, “We love each other, we went on our business, it never had to be expressed like that, there was a certain point he took over.”

Quivers recently dedicated her book, “The Vegucation of Robin,” to Howard, concluding, “He’s the reason I’m alive.”

Andrew Dice Clay on The Howard Stern Show

Andrew Dice Clay is on a roll. Or as the comedian sees it, enjoying a resurgence.

He’s in Woody Allen’s latest movie, “Blue Jasmine,” which opens Friday, August 2nd. He will judge a new syndicated TV talent show and see his autobiography published next spring and is collaborating on a documentary about his life and career with “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin.

The New Artie Lange Show

The Nick & Artie Show appears to have been taken off the air in favor of “The Artie Lange Show.”

A recent post on The Nick & Artie Show’s Facebook page seems to point to what fans had been thinking all week.

You guys have been great detectives on trying to figure out what the new situation will be starting on Monday,” reads the Facebook entry, posted earlier this afternoon. “Nick is pursuing some great opportunities and we are excited to announce the NEW Artie Lange Show.

The Artie Lange ShowWhat made the transition suspicious was a purchase of the domain name,which was registered to a person under the name Ken Kohl. Kohl is the director of operations for the entertainment division of DirecTV, the hub of former The Nick & Artie Show. Their prior website seems to be taken offline and just shows a under construction page.

Di Paolo commented Friday morning that he couldn’t say anything about situation just yet.

Remembering Artie Lange on the Stern Show, some of the best moments and fights with Howard and the staff.

Hulk Hogan rejects Howard Stern’s invitation

Hulk Hogan doesn’t want or need Howard Stern to act as peacemaker in his ongoing sex-tape litigation with former best friend Bubba the Love Sponge Clem.

Hogans lawyer declined an invitation from Stern to have the wrestling star and Bubba together on his popular SiriusXM radio show so Stern could talk Hogan into dropping his invasion-of-privacy lawsuit against the Tampa shock jock and his ex-wife Heather Clem.

“Absolutely not. It’s not going to happen,” Hogan’s lawyer David Houston said. “I appreciate Howard Stern’s offer. I know it has entertainment value, but this isn’t entertainment. We’re dealing with some drastic consequences in my client’s life.”

Houston added that a settlement with the Clems might be possible in the future, but that Bubba and his legal team failed to provide satisfactory answers about the tape’s origins and security leading up to their legal filing Monday.

“We appreciate Howard Sterns’ recommendation and insight, and certainly resolution is never anything to be avoided if a settlement is possible. However, under the current situation, we have a client who has been damaged, and as such, we have to pursue our legal remedies until we arrive at a point where we truly understand the actions of all players,” Houston said.

“Once that happens, the idea of resolution is never off the table,” he said.

BTLS: Howard Stern Show going internet only after SiriusXM?

On his RadioIO show today Bubba the Love Sponge hinted that Howard might be taking his radio show exclusively to the internet after his SiriusXM contract expires.

“Here’s what needs to happen in the industry, Opie and Anthony, Myself, and Howard all need to sit down and say enough of this bullshit, join together and do our own radio network. Howard can do mornings, Opie and Anthony can do afternoons and I can do mid-days. We need to do it on the internet, that’s where everything is going, that’s where O&A need to be and that’s where Howard is going in 3 and a half years. Ill get it done.

I do have a vision, Brent and I did talk to Howard about this at dinner, where we all need to be, and Howard is in agreement with me. We had some intense conversations and that’s where Howard is going, whether we go with him, or he comes over here, hes going [online] 100% I can promise you that.

-Bubba the Love Sponge