Howard Stern on Real Time with Bill Maher (2019)

Howard Stern did a remote broadcast from Los Angeles this month to commemorate SiriusXM’s new LA studio. While in LA Howard took the time to make an appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher. The video of the interview is posted above.

Stern and Maher talked about many topics including the differences between broadcasting on SiriusXM and HBO.

“You get away with shit that I can’t get away with, and that always pisses me off,” Maher said. “You don’t have a politically correct audience. This is a good audience, but sometimes I have to fight my way through that shit.”

Stern added, “From one broadcaster to another, I have to tell you it is very liberating. I’m not sitting there being monitored. It’s my own fantasy.”

What Stern fans thought of the appearance:

Howard took a call from a guy who said they have to move to Los Angeles. Howard said people did like the shows out there. Jimmy Kimmel said he has never had more requests for tickets than with Howard’s appearance. The caller said the Bill Maher thing was great too. Howard asked Jimmy about the ticket requests because he knows he doesn’t want it loaded with his family and industry people. Jimmy said he wants it filled with fans so they have a limit of 10 people they know.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’s not saying it to be nice but he has such a great look going. He said he looks fantastic. He said he looked so relaxed and handsome on Bill Maher’s show. He said he had a genuine laugh and smile on the show and it was awesome. The caller thought Howard was so odd when he tried to show Bill physical affection.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’s from North Carolina. The caller said he thinks the Bill Maher interview was the best he’s ever done. He said Howard was very calm, charming and funny. Stern said that’s because of Bill Maher. The caller said he was really impressed. Howard thanked him for that and let him go.

Artie Lange: Howard and I had “a son-and-dad kind of thing.”

Artie Lange, who many thought would not make it to 50, recently did an interview with the Dopey Podcast, a podcast covering the dark comedy of drug addiction.

Artie revealed just how unmanageable his life had become in 2009 thanks to cocaine, heroin, pills and booze. Despite seeing the root of his problems, Lange’s behavior ended his otherwise wildly popular run on The Howard Stern Show.

“Howard did not understand addiction. He gave me the best job ever and he is a genius,” he affirmed on the podcast. “I was on the show for over eight years, but towards the end, I was a complete addict.”

Lange likened his relationship with Stern to “a son-and-dad kind of thing,” which potentially made Stern’s decision to fire the comedian more complicated.

“The last time I phoned him he did not call me back, it is like a son trying to get attention from his father. But I get it, he is a busy guy and things have changed. Now he likes to talk about his cats!”

“He didn’t know the extent of it. There’s no way he could’ve,” added that even though Stern couldn’t grasp just how far gone the comedian was, he tried to get Lange the help he so desperately needed.

Stern even connected him with a therapist, put him into a treatment center, and encouraged him to take all the time he needed to find sobriety.

During the interview, Artie indicated that Stern’s efforts were as generous as they were futile. Lange was straightforward and serious about the reality of his addictions, admitting that he might soon relapse and never find long-term sobriety.

Artie also disclosed that he was earning $4 million a year from The Howard Stern Show.

Howard Stern’s FULL INTERVIEW on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Jimmy Kimmel is in New York, where he interviewed Howard Stern at the Brooklyn Academy of Music for his late night show Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Recently Jimmy Kimmel has been receiving criticism for his political speeches during the shows opening monologue. Alex Jones has even accused Kimmel of receiving “talking points” from Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer.

“I will say I talked to Chuck Schumer three times for, probably, a total of less than eight minutes,” said Kimmel.

Earlier this month, Kimmel tearfully spoke about Las Vegas shooting that occurred at Jason Aldean’s concert in his hometown. He used that monologue to advocate for gun control, even stating that Republicans including President Trump “should be praying for God to forgive them for letting the gun lobby run this country.”

Louis C.K. on the Howard Stern (Interview & Recap)

It’s been close to five years since Louis C.K. got drunk on an airplane and tweeted the foulest things he could think of about Sarah Palin. Since then, he has moved on and deleted his Twitter account, but as the comedian told Howard Stern on Wednesday, it was just two months ago that he finally decided to apologize.

As Louis C.K. told it, Palin actually approached him at the afterparty for Saturday Night Live’s 40th anniversary special to tell him she thought he was “terrific” and “really funny,” though it was unclear if she really knew who he was.

In response, Louis C.K. just said, “I owe you an apology,” telling Stern that he’s never before apologized for anything he’s said and “fuck anybody else who’s offended.” But now that he was face-to-face with Palin, he felt he needed to address the situation.

When he explained to her what he had done, Palin told him, “Well, you’re a vile person,” which made him laugh. Then she invited him to go fishing with her next time he’s in Alaska, which he said he would do in a heartbeat.

Stern and Louis C.K. agreed that Palin is attractive and they both kind of want to “fuck” her. “It would be fun to fuck a conservative politician,” the comedian said, noting that opposites attract for a reason. This conversation led Stern to admit that he also fantasizes about sleeping with Megyn Kelly and Kimberly Guilfoyle from Fox News.

Adam Carolla (Howard Stern Interview)

Known as Jimmy Kimmel’s other best friend, comedian and radio host Adam Carolla is a longtime friend of the show. Best known for co-hosting Loveline with Dr. Drew and The Man Show with Kimmel, Adam now hosts his own podcast The Adam Carolla Show.

Adam Carolla talks about being The Podfather and his thoughts about not being asked to be in Jimmy Kimmel’s wedding party.

Artie Lange on Mohr Stories (Audio Interview)

Artie Lange Crash And BurnThe road to hell is paved with good money. Artie Lange skyrocketed from a dirty comedian to the Howard Stern Show, only to crash and burn spectacularly. The walking cautionary tale has returned to the post-radio scene, and this appearance plugs an upcoming scars-and-all autobiography appropriately titled Crash and Burn.

Lange is always more than honest about his disastrous personal life, and while Mohr doesn’t quite go fully in depth, the host gets Lange to open up a smidge wider than usual. Mohr coaxes out detailed accounts of Lange’s heroin use, his stays in various psych wards, his reported suicide attempt, and the appearance that sank sportscaster Joe Buck’s HBO talk show.

Artie may appear on the Stern Show in November

Comedian Artie Lange has yet to do an in depth interview on his January 2010 suicide attempt but hopes to do so on the Howard Stern Show in November, when his book Crash and Burn is released.

“I think I’m at the place where I can do it. It would be a heavy thing,” says Lange about a hoped-for Stern visit. Fans have been waiting for Lange to appear on Stern’s show, and Artie says he and Stern wanted to make sure he was emotionally ready.

Sober since April 14, 2011, Lange says, “Toward the end it became so terrible trying to be f—– up 24/7.” His addiction led him to rehab after he tried to do himself in with a knife. His mother reportedly found him.

“I have a book coming out in November,” said Lange. “And obviously it’s going to cover a lot of crazy, crazy stuff. And I was told, possibly, when the book came out to come on, because it’s going to cover a lot of stuff that happened on the show. I mean, I would do it whenever they wanted, but I understand their apprehension and it’s not out of any bad feelings. It’s out of them being concerned for my health and anything that going back on that show might bring back up for me.”