Jay Leno’s Goodbye

“It’s been a wonderful job but this is the right time to leave,” said Leno.

“I’m at that age where I don’t really listen to the current music anymore. I’m not a big tweet guy. A 63-year-old guy reading Miley Cyrus’ tweets is a little creepy. Move on.”

Howard Stern and Letterman vs Jay Leno

Howard Stern expressed his disappointment with the recent revelation that Jay Leno and David Letterman talk on the phone.

“I work for NBC television now and I’m not speaking to Jay Leno,” the radio host and America’s Got Talent judge told Letterman’s audience. “They ask me to go on his show and I say ‘No, he did Dave wrong, I don’t like it’ …I’m fighting the war, I’m still in the jungle.”

Howard Stern Insulted By Late Night Rumor

king of all mediaHoward Stern says he feels insulted by NY Post’s article which mentioned him taking over Jimmy Fallon’s late night gig on NBC. A New York Post report claimed that NBC executives were “grooming” Stern for the 12:30am time slot, if Fallon was to take over The Tonight Show from Jay Leno in 2014.

However, Stern being the highest paid entertainer in radio didn’t find the rumor amusing. “First of all, what an insult. Like, all the years of my career. I’m like, the biggest guy in radio. I’ve done film. I’ve done television. I mean, they act like I’m some kind of fucking beginner or something. Maybe if I’m really nice to NBC they’ll let me take over Carson Daly’s show at like 2 o’clock in the morning.”

Jay Leno Funniest Comedian Ever?

While famous David Letterman fans such as Howard Stern and Jimmy Kimmel publicly air their hatred for Jay Leno, the CBS late-night legend takes a softer approach in his upcoming interview with Oprah Winfrey.

“Jay and I were friends — we were always friends, before all of this happened,” he says, addressing the feud in a teaser from his Oprah’s Next Chapter sit-down airing Jan. 6 on OWN.

“I’ve never met anyone quite like Jay. And I will say, and I’m happy to say, I think he’s the funniest guy I’ve ever known,” Letterman adds. “Just flat out. If you go and see him do his nightclub act — just the funniest, the smartest, wonderful observationist and very appealing as a comic. Therefore, the fact that he is maybe the most insecure person I have ever known — I could never reconcile that.”

In the episode, Letterman also addresses his struggle with depression and the 2009 scandal that revealed his Late Show affairs.

Jay Leno takes $15Million pay cut to keep Tonight Show Staff

Jay Leno might not be as bad as Howard Stern thinks. Leno is still one of the wealthiest men in late-night courtesy of his contract with NBC; however, he may not be taking in the sort of cash as he once was.

On Friday, a spokesperson for NBC confirmed a recent report from the Wall Street Journal that Leno took a massive pay cut of 50% in order to save the jobs of many of his staffers. As the Journal reported he will now make around $15 million a year as the host of the Tonight Show. The show ended up still losing around 20 members of his staff in total, and the budget is now around $80 million.

Stern and Jimmy Kimmel hate Jay Leno

Howard Stern isnt the only person that hates Jay Leno in Hollywood. In an interview that was done in New York this week, the “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” host said “fuck him” when asked for his thoughts on Leno. He also recalled the last time he spoke to Leno which was when he went on his primetime show back in 2010 and proceeding to bash and mock him on the air for taking “The Tonight Show” back after NBC became unhappy with the Conan O’Brien’s performance as host in terms of ratings:

“It was probably my proudest moment … People, it turns out, really don’t like Jay Leno. We have not spoken since that time.” – Kimmel

Jay Leno joke stealing again

Jay Leno joke-stealing, old news according to Howard Stern

For more than a decade, radio personality and host, Howard Stern has railed against Jay Leno lifting bits from him; at least the clean material from Stern. Howard has not given up calling Jay names whenever he gets a chance. In January 2011 he was a guest on one of the first few shows that Piers Morgan aired when he joined CNN, and he repeated his accusations.

The Fox TV affiliate in Boston reported it the next day. “Just the mere mention of Jay Leno’s name makes me to want to vomit,” said Stern. The most recent joke-stealing charge leveled by Stern against Leno concerns a comedy bit from Stern’s radio program, that centered on a live chicken predicting winners of NFL games. “This must be a giant ‘Punk’d’ on me,” said Stern following the incident. “This guy’s ripped off like ten major things from my show. But the chicken thing we did for years.

Howard Stern Recap December 10, 2009

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Howard Stern vs Jay Leno


Radio jock Howard Stern is accusing late-night host Jay Leno of stealing his skits, more specifically a skit involving NFL commentator Terry Bradshaw and a chicken that predicts football team winners for the week. “This must be a giant ‘Punk’d’ on me,” Stern said on his radio show, ‘The Howard Stern Show,” last week. “This guy’s ripped off, like, 10 major things from my show. But the chicken thing we did for years. Stern even sent a copy of his chicken skit to “The Jay Leno Show.” The Leno camp has yet to respond.