Howard Stern to Moderate 2016 Presidential Debate?

Americas JudgeHoward Stern known to AGT viewers as America’s Judge has never moderated a political debate, until now. The debate Americans wanted to see finally happened on the Stern Show last week: Trump vs Sanders.

The two candidates squared off in a rigorous discussion of the issues that matter most, including how to defeat ISIS, what executive orders they’ll sign into law, and some famous women they have dated.

Obviously Stern did not have the real Bernie Sanders debate Donald Trump on his show, but it was still funny as heck and probably not too far off from what the real thing would have been.

With Election Day looming, Anthony and James told Howard that they’ll continue to debate each other at least until the Democratic and Republican conventions. Fans can still see the live Trump vs. Bernie debate tour this summer.

Analysis of Ventura-Stern Ticket in Forbes

The accelerating momentum of a Jesse Ventura and Howard Stern ticket in 2016 continues to be a laughing matter for some but the more I consider it the more convinced I am that if things keep heading the way they are, the two could attract a critical mass large enough to – at the very least – elevate an issue or two to national prominence.


Because this motley crew may already be closer to the center of American politics than either of the two major political parties.

jesse ventura 2016As indicated previously, I define the new center as the Wanniski-Tamny tripod – the three major areas of concern for the electorate. Those being Economic Growth, Social Tolerance and Less Entanglement in Foreign Affairs. The latter two of the three figured prominently in last week’s interview of Governor Ventura by Mr. Stern.

When you listen to Ventura in various forums the clear voice of a Populist-Libertarian emerges and not only that a shrewd strategist’s mind informed by years of experience 1) in pop culture, providing entertainment as a professional wrestler 2) political experience (as Mayor of Brooklyn Park Minnesota and then Governor of the state) and 3) investigative journalism (as host of the popular Tru TV series, “Conspiracy Theory”).

The finished product is a still physically-imposing man capable of defeating anyone politician in debate. But his greatest insight maybe the ongoing wooing of Stern as running mate, which would bring with it hours of free advertising (the same that NBC’s America’s Got Talent enjoys thanks to Stern being one of its judges) with little regulatory restriction since Stern’s show is broadcast on Sirius-XM which escapes onerous FCC rules.

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