Jesus Twins on The Howard Stern Show

You wont believe this crap. The damn Jesus Twins just showed up at the studio with tons of equipment today. They wanted to play live for Howard to see if he’d invite them to the premiere to play. For some odd reason Howard agreed to let them play. His reasoning was that they came all the way from California with all of this equipment so why not let them play. I don’t understand why Howard puts up with this crap.

The boys were a little mellow today because they said they just wanted to play some music. Their wacky manager, John, was there with them rambling on and on about nothing once again. Some woman who went to school with these guys called in to give Howard some background on these two nuts. She said that they used to call themselves the ”Razzy Berries” and they played heavy metal in school. So they do have a musical background.

She also wondered why they call themselves ”The Jesus Twins” when they’re Jewish. One of the twins said that they’re only half Jewish. Their father went to jail for embezzlement at one time so some people think that they have the money and they’re spending it all on this crap to get a record deal. Who knows… So anyway Howard told them that they could play but they had to set up all of their equipment. The setup took over an hour. Believe me, it wasn’t worth the wait. When these two morons sing they sound like friggin Yoda from The Empire Strikes Back. The band sounds okay but the twins singing just sucks. Howard had a few record company guys come down to rate their performance.

The record company guys rated the guys about an average of 6 or 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. These idiots were insulted of course. I hate to say it but I think these losers may get a record deal and the only reason they would is because Howard allowed them on the air. It’s Howard’s golden touch once again. Howard told them that he’d check to see if he can fit them into the premiere. I think I’d sell my tickets if they make it in… That is if I had tickets. Later in the show Howard read some faxes about these losers and most of them were negative. There was one positive one… need I say more?