KC Armstrong and the Transgender Woman Who Tricked Him

Howard said it was time for the moment they’ve been waiting for. KC Armstrong used to work on the show and he was recently in Alaska and got arrested. When he got out of jail he met a girl in a Walmart and he later found out that she was a tranny.

Howard said there were songs about KC being gay and now this has happened. Howard had Darlene the Transvestite come in too. Howard said she’s very beautiful. Howard had her stand up so he could check her out. Howard said he wanted to take a good, long look at her to see if she looked like a woman. Howard said that she was wearing a mini-skirt and high heels. She had full breasts that turned out to be real. Darlene said she does pad them a little bit. Howard said she’s very beautiful.

Howard said that she hasn’t seen KC since their encounter. She wasn’t even looking at KC. Howard asked why that was. Darlene said that she was attracted to him. KC said ”What’s up bro” when he said hi to her. Howard said that wasn’t very nice. KC changed ”bro” to ”sister.”

Darlene told Howard that he grew up a boy in the Philippines. Howard asked if he still has balls and penis. Darlene said that she still has balls and penis and she doesn’t want to get rid of them. Howard asked if she had a tough life wanting to be someone who dresses up like a woman. She said it’s easier there in the United States than it is in the Philippines.

Darlene said that she just started doing all of this about 5 or 6 years ago. She started to live as a woman about 3 years ago. Howard asked if she lives the life of a woman 24/7. She said that she does. She doesn’t dress up like a man because that would be weird. KC said ”Yeah, that would be weird.”

Howard said that KC ran into Darlene at a supermarket and he saw her ass and fell for her. Darlene said she was wearing pants so she’s not sure why he fell for that. Darlene said she was wearing a top with see through arms.

Howard said KC was in jail and he got out the day he met Darlene. Howard asked what he said to Darlene. Darlene said that KC asked her if she was from that town and things like that. KC asked her out to a bar when he met her. KC said he’s a gentleman so he invited her for a drink. Darlene said she’s only 19 so she can’t go to a bar. Howard said that KC took her to his hotel because he needed to shower. Howard said that’s what dudes do to get naked in front of women. KC said that’s not what he was doing. He’s a gentleman.

Howard asked Darlene if she thought that she was going to fool KC and get laid. Darlene said she didn’t’ think that she was fooling anyone but she didn’t think that KC knew she was a man.

Howard said KC describes that he had to shower. Howard said he knows what he was up to. He was turned on and he wanted to show her his body. KC said he had been in jail for 8 days and he wasn’t able to shower more than once or twice a week. KC said he had to take a shower and he went in the bathroom and took one while she stayed in the room. Howard said that Darlene must have known what was going on. Darlene said that it was her first time hanging out with a stranger. KC told her that she was his buddy so it was no big deal. She said that she thought that he knew he was a man. KC said he didn’t know that she was a man.

Howard asked Darlene if she thinks KC is gay. She said she wasn’t sure. She said that KC did call her his buddy so she wondered if she was his fuck buddy. She said that kind of turned him off.

Howard asked if Darlene saw KC’s six pack. She said she did see that. She said that he disrobed in front of her. She said that KC went into the bathroom with his clothes on so she stayed out watching TV. She said that she figured he wanted to get her. Howard asked if she felt that she should tell KC that she was a man. She said she was scared at the time and she didn’t think about telling him.

Howard asked if Darlene saw KC’s penis while he was showering. She didn’t see it. She said that she did ask him what he was doing but she doesn’t remember what he said. KC didn’t remember that part.

Howard asked what happened next. KC said that he did kiss her. He said he thinks that he just kissed her and that was it. Darlene said he was in his towel and he started to get dressed. He went out and bought a Scrabble board and they started to play that.

Howard asked if Darlene thought about having sex with KC. She said she didn’t think about it at the time. KC said that he heard she was 19 or 20 and he wanted to see her ID because he didn’t want to get into trouble with anyone. She said that she showed it to him but covered up her name on the card. KC said he didn’t look close enough at it. Howard asked what her given name is. Gary said that the name is a recognizable male name but maybe it went over KC’s head. KC said he didn’t look close enough.

Howard asked if Darlene was afraid to go back up to the room to play Scrabble. She said she wasn’t afraid. Howard said she really didn’t know this guy KC though. They went back up to the room and then what happened. KC said he’s not sure. He said he’s very uncomfortable. He said things happened and he’s re-living this stuff again. He said that she was a great friend the whole time. He got that note from her and he felt duped and tricked. Howard asked if he has the right to feel that way. Darlene said that he does. She said that she feels guilty about that.

KC said he thought that she was one of those Herbivores that has both male and female genitals. That’s a hermaphrodite, not a herbivore. KC said that she had big hands but no Adam’s apple. He said he didn’t even think of it at the time.

Howard asked what went down in the hotel after the Scrabble game. Darlene said that KC made up a rule about every tile being a kiss. KC didn’t remember that. Howard said that’s KC’s move. He said he doesn’t like Scrabble, he uses it to get kisses. Darlene said she laughed when he made up that rule. Howard said of course she did. KC must have felt lucky.

Howard asked Darlene what KC did when she had a tile. She said that they kissed. She said it was very awkward for her. She said that she was kissing him on the cheek. She said that she had never kissed a stranger before. Howard said that Darlene doesn’t do that kind of thing with strangers. KC said that was just his luck.

Howard said he still thinks that KC would be with Darlene. KC said that’s not true. Howard said he can picture Darlene’s cock in KC’s mouth.

Howard asked about the kissing and if it eventually got to the mouth. Darlene said she smoked a cigarette and then KC put the board down and he took her cigarette away and started to kiss her. She said she doesn’t remember if he put his tongue in her mouth. Howard asked if she jerked off that night to KC. She said she didn’t.

Darlene said that they made out for a couple of minutes. She said it was probably 20 minutes or so. KC said he’s never kissed a broad for 20 minutes in his life. Howard said this wasn’t a chick. Howard asked Darlene if she has a bit of a beard. She said she really doesn’t. She said she waxes and does laser removal. KC said he felt something. He said that it was different and not like a woman.

Howard said KC just ignored what was going on and kept making out with her. Howard said that he could have backed off but he was in nirvana. KC said he was with a chick who had a hair on her nipple once. He said he thought that was gross but he stayed with her.

Howard asked if there was a time when KC wanted to lay down with her. She said that she wasn’t comfortable with him at the time so she didn’t get hard herself. She said that KC was getting hard and he was taking Viagra at the time too. Howard asked why KC did that. KC said he must have thought he was going to bang her. Howard said he must have wanted to be hard and thick for her. Darlene wasn’t up for it but she could feel his boner against his body. Howard asked if the boners got in the way of one another. She said that wasn’t a problem. Howard asked how she hides her penis. She said she kind of straps it down.

Howard asked Darlene if she tickled his balls at all. She said she just glanced her hands over him. She said that KC was naked. Howard asked how he got naked. She said that he was covering himself up a little bit but he was fully hard. Howard asked if she was tugging on his shaft. She said she was. Howard said she was tugging him off. KC just laughed.

Darlene said that KC had gone into the bathroom and got naked. Howard said most women would find that offensive. Howard said he was treating her like a whore. Darlene said that’s why she got pissed at herself for even being there.

Howard asked about KC’s boner and if it was big. KC said that she’s Phillipino so they have small cocks. Howard asked if that’s true. She said that she’s probably average. Howard asked if she shaves her balls. She said she waxes it. Howard asked how big KC was. She said KC is really big. Howard asked what she did with that nasty cock of his. KC laughed again. Darlene said that she knew what he wanted. Howard asked if she blew him. She said she didn’t blow him and she didn’t jerk him off. She just let her hand glance over it.

Howard asked why she didn’t jerk him off. KC was wondering the same thing. Darlene said a lot of people know about Tranny’s giving good blow jobs and she didn’t want KC wondering why she wasn’t getting naked. She was afraid that KC would get mad at her if he found out that he was a man.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that KC has to admit he’s into chicks with sticks. He said he likes cock and that’s that. KC said he should just admit it, right?

Howard asked Darlene what happened after that. Darlene said that KC took her home. She said they did get together again after that. She said that she texted KC and asked if he wanted to get something to eat. She said that she was into KC and he was very sweet to her. Howard said maybe she was falling in love. KC laughed while Howard was asking about this stuff.

Howard asked Darlene where they went after that. Darlene said they went to another hotel. Howard said that his credit card must have failed or something. KC said he doesn’t even remember. Howard asked what happened next. KC said he might have answered the door in his towel again. Howard said it means that he wants her and he’s looking to just get going.

Darlene said that KC wanted her to go out to dinner with him. She said that wasn’t happening. She said that KC wanted to go out but then he had to talk to his lawyer or something. Howard said KC probably wanted her in the room so he could have her. KC said that’s probably what was goofing on. KC said he got a massage from her that time. Howard asked if he was nude. KC said he probably was. Darlene said that he had his pants on actually. They didn’t even do any kissing that time. They just did a quick kiss but nothing that deep.

KC wanted Darlene to take a bubble bath with him but she didn’t want to do that since he’d see her penis. Howard said that they didn’t do any sexual stuff after that. Then Darlene brought him to the airport. KC said that she was a good friend the whole time and then she gave him this note. KC said that the note was in his jacket so he waited to read it. He said he read it as they were taking off.

Howard asked what KC said to her when he got back to her. KC said he told her ”Dude… a lot of people would beat you up…” and told her that it would be best that they not talk again. Darlene said she understands that and she didn’t set out to fool KC. She said she was falling for him at the time. She said she was in love with him and didn’t want to lose him. Howard asked if he was hoping that KC would be gay. She said she did hope for something like that.

Howard asked KC if he would like to say something to Darlene. KC said that he has joked about this but he knows it has to be tough. He said that he’s not mad at her or anything. He said she was nice to him and it doesn’t matter what she’s got going on. KC said she was nice before he found out she was a dude. He said he felt tricked and that he was lied to so that’s why he had to stop talking to her.

Howard asked KC if he would like a blow job from her. KC said he’s not interested in that. He doesn’t want to go out with her either.

Gary said that Will told him about how KC had told Darlene about wrestling with KC. KC said he didn’t do that. Darlene said that they did. Howard said that Darlene looks like she can handle herself. She said she doesn’t think that she could beat up KC though.

KC said he tells people this story because he’s honest about it. He said that this has happened to a lot of guys. Howard said it seems to happen to KC a lot. Howard said he got picked up for cruising in a gay neighborhood. KC said that was when he used to drive and he got lost. KC said it was in West Hollywood and he was looking to pick someone up and the cops thought he looked suspicious.

Howard said he’s not sure this is the end of these two. He asked how long Darlene is in the city. She said it’s like 2 days. KC said that he may go back to Alaska. KC said that it was nice to see Darlene again but he’s not going out with her.

Howard asked if Darlene’s dream is to be with KC. She said that she can’t say yes. She doesn’t know. Howard asked if she’d like to go out to Wolman Rink with KC to go skating. KC just laughed. KC said he’s hearing all of this and realized that he’s a creep.

Jeff the Drunk called in and asked how he could not know. Howard said he’ll have to check it out on Howard TV and see for himself.

Another caller thanked Darlene for having the balls to come in. Howard said it was very nice of him to come in. KC said that the guys did a great job getting them in there too. The caller asked them to get a picture up on the web site so we can see what they look like. Howard said that they’ll get one of them together. He asked if they wanted to play Gay Chicken together.

Gary said the guys were wondering if KC wanted to give Darlene a Sybian ride. That wasn’t happening. Howard asked Darlene if she fantasized about having a sword fight with KC. She said she didn’t think of him like that.

Howard took a call from Sal who was playing ”Diane” on the phone. Sal asked KC out on a date and KC agreed to go.

Another caller said that this was the greatest. He asked KC if he tossed her salad or anything. KC said there was no ass play. Howard asked Darlene if she would do that with KC if she had the chance. She said she might. KC said he wouldn’t let her.

Another caller said he threw up in his mouth about 6 times on his way to work. Another caller said that he has a story too but the question they should be asking is if KC would go out with her if Darlene had the operation. Howard said KC is freaked out but he thinks that he’d be into her. He said that KC likes what he sees.

Mariann from Brooklyn called in and asked what happened to KC. She said that he used to be so great on K-Rock. Howard let her go and another caller asked what they’re hiding. KC said he’s been very honest about it and that’s what happened.

Howard asked if Darlene would have just given KC blow jobs if he had done something to him. Darlene said she’s a total bottom so if KC wanted to do it back there he’d be up for it. Howard asked if she knows how to use her ass as a vagina. Darlene said ”Of course…” Howard said that KC could have gotten a great blow job. KC said he must be too uptight then.