Howard Stern’s final Final Late Show Appearance

david letterman wcqjFirst Tina Fey stripped for David Letterman. Now he has Howard Stern trying to kiss him.

Late night talk show host David Letterman is counting down to his final show next week.

Some of his favorite and most notable guests are returning to say goodbye — including Howard Stern.

Stern has appeared on Letterman’s show nearly 20 times. Letterman booked Stern on his show before Stern found success in radio syndication.

“Is this goodbye? Is this our final time together?” Stern asked Letterman during the taping of the show on Monday.

“No. What are you going to do?” Letterman asked while trying to get away from Stern.

“Come here. Come here,” Stern continued to say.

That’s when Letterman grabbed Stern’s hand and kissed it.

That wasn’t enough for Stern. He urged Letterman to come in for a hug — but then puckered his lips and tried to kiss him as Letterman threw to a commercial break.

Howard Stern on Late Show with David Letterman (Full 2015 Interview)

Howard Stern’s mother isn’t wasting any time. The current season of “America’s Got Talent” isn’t scheduled to end until next week, but Mama Stern is already planning Sharon Osbourne’s replacement.

Osbourne decided to leave the show, and end her association with NBC, earlier this summer. According to Stern on “Late Show,” his mother thinks the show should hire Queen Latifah.

Artie Lange to appear on Late Show

Comedian and radio show host Artie Lange (in his first television interview since leaving the Howard Stern radio show) will be appearing as the lead guest on Late Show with David Letterman on Friday, October 14th.

The last time Lange appeard on Late Night was August 2009, just a few months before the Howard Stern Show co-host shocked millions of fans with a gruesome suicide attempt by stabbing.