Seth Rogen interviewed by Howard Stern (Video & Transcript)

Say what you will about Howard Stern, but that tall, lanky, wild-haired pervert has a way of talking to people. He is direct and to the point, and it doesn’t matter if he’s interviewing an A-list actor or complimenting a porn star on how realistic her implants look. Howard is arguably the most famous shock jock of all-time and is known for his innate ability for getting guests to name-drop and reveal tabloid-esque gossip — whether it be real or complete bullshit.

Hollywood douchebags like Wilmer Valderama and Brett Ratner appear on the show to nonchalantly brag about the actresses they’ve banged and a few of Tiger Woods’ alleged mistresses appeared to compete in a “beauty pageant” for a $75,000 prize. However every once in a while Stern has a guest with some credibility, which was recently represented by comedian/stoner Seth Rogen.

During Rogen’s visit Stern obviously wanted to question the Hollywood star about random bullshit that he found relatively “edgy,” such as the “Knocked Up” star pissing in Tom Cruise’s driveway. However the interesting reveal wasn’t the fact that Rogen pissed in a Snapple bottle while waiting in his own car and parked in Cruise’s driveway, it was the reason he was there in the first place.

During the fallout after Cruise revealed himself as a couch-jumping, batshit crazy Scientologist, he invited Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow to his house in an effort to get a better sense of the pulse of the comedy scene. As Rogen put it, “years ago Tom Cruise was viewed as a psychopath, and it was during this time that he very wisely thought to align himself with comedians.”

Which means Cruise’s foray’s into comedy, which led his career rehabilitation, were possibly advised by Rogen and Apatow. Meaning Cruise’s hilarious turn as Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder might have had something to do with the advice from his famous comedy consiglieres.

It appears as though Apatow has had his hand in nearly everything that has made our country laugh in the past decade.

-article by death&taxes