We Are The Party by Little Lupe

Howard Stern Show little darling Little Lupe Fuentes is ready to go from porn star to pop star. It’s a new hit music video from the 4-foot-9 porn star and her new group, The Ex-Girlfriends.

Featuring a lot of auto-tune and little tiny babes, who are all less than 5 feet tall, here’s “We Are the Party.”

Lupe Fuentes in studio

HTVOD – Little Lupe Returns – 06-24-10 [WDM]

Howard said Lupe is being sued over the name Little Lupe. Lupe said she’s being sued for a million dollars. She said that it’s the guy who had her old web site. He’s suing her for the trademark because he filed it a month ago. Lupe said her web site is doing really well right now and the guy is an asshole. Lupe said everyone wants her pussy.

Lupe said that she worked with this guy like 3 years ago and he doesn’t have any content anymore. She said that all of his members are coming to her new web site now and now he’s suing her so she can’t make money. Lupe said she had a contract with him but that was finished a long time ago. She said she came up with the name and that’s her stage name. She said she owns that name. Lupe said she was called Little Lupe since she was a kid because her real name is so hard to say. Lupe didn’t want to say what it was.

Lupe said this guy is an asshole and a bad person. Howard said maybe the guy has his own point of view and maybe he helped her build up her web site. Lupe said all he does is exploit the girls and make them look like children. She said that he tells you that you have to wear the clothes he gets from children’s stores.

Howard said maybe they’ll work things out. He said it’s probably going to cost her a lot of money. Lupe said she has so many lawyers and so many bills. She said she’s not a millionaire either.

Howard asked Lupe if she came up with the name Lupe. She said her mother came up with that because her real name is so hard to say. Howard asked what that name was. Lupe said she didn’t want to say. She told Howard it was Pussy.

Howard said he thought Lupe liked dressing up as a little girl. Lupe said she likes to be herself. She said this is how she looks and she can’t change that. She said she doesn’t want to look like a 12 year old.