Howard Stern: Megyn Kelly was just bullshitting Alex Jones

Megyn Kelly is taking a lot of criticism from both liberals and conservatives on social media for interviewing Infowars radio host Alex Jones. Liberals are upset that Alex Jones was given a platform on NBC since he has questioned whether the murders of 20 children and six adult staff members in 2012 at Sandy Hook school was a hoax.

His more “right-wing” base is upset at Megyn Kelly and NBC for lying to Alex Jones, misleading him to believe the interview would be a long form profile piece on the man himself. Alex Jones, who secretly recorded pre-interview conversations with Kelly, asked Kelly if the segment would be an “investigative report on fake news,” which she quickly shut down, “no, no, no, hell no.”

Turns out that’s exactly what the segment was. Kelly challenged Jones from the start, introducing him as a “radical conspiracy theorist” and promising to confront him on his “notorious lie” about Sandy Hook.

Alex Jones looked visibly tense during the interview and the two frequently interrupted each other.

Jones also commented on his connection to President Trump, who has appeared on his Infowars radio show during the campaign.

“I think my influence on Trump is way, way lower than what mainstream media has said,” he commented. Appearing humble he downplayed their relationship, saying he and the president were friendly, but not friends.

Howard Stern reacted to the pre-interview conversations that Jones had released. Howard Stern had a laugh at Megyn Kelly trying to entice Alex to do the interview. “She’s just bullshitting him.”

Stern purposely downplayed Jones’s notoriety and popularity, a throwback to his days more contentious days on terrestrial radio. “Alex Jones wants publicity you don’t have to pitch him.” However, Howard himself is not a stranger to conspiracy theories. At one point he talked about a “cover-up at The Pentagon.”

“We saw The Pentagon get blown up. Now let me tell you something. If a plane went into The Pentagon which I never believed a plane went into The Pentagon. I have no clue where that came from. There is not one tire track on the lawn,” said Stern back in the early 2000’s.

“It was hit by a missile. It is clear we are being lied to.”

Megyn Kelly interview

Howard had Megyn Kelly come in. She was wearing pants and not a dress. Howard said she looked great. Megyn said she was a little nervous this morning. Howard asked if she had the rip away pants. She said they weren’t rip away pants.

Howard said that Megyn was a cheerleader in high school. Megyn said she was the head cheerleader. Howard read about her getting into a fight with a girl in high school. Howard asked if she kicked her ass. Megyn said there was some hair pulling and she thinks that she came out ahead in the fight.

Howard asked Megyn about the perfume she had on. She said it was lotion and it was called Tantalizer. She said she likes it.

Howard asked Megyn how many kids she has. She said she had her one and only son about 7 months ago. Howard asked about the pants she was wearing and if she gets to pick out what she wears. She said she gets to pick that stuff herself. Howard said he likes that they show her legs on the news. Megyn said she is very exposed on the show.

Howard said that they should have women wearing dresses on the show. Megyn said she gets mail from women about how she should be wearing pants. Megyn said she’s really afraid that Howard or Captain Janks is going to prank call her on her show some day. She said she has gotten the Baba Booey call before. Megyn said that she has lived in fear since that day. She’s afraid that she’s going to get that call every day now.

Howard said he thinks that Beth would like to have her in bed. Megyn said Beth is a beautiful woman and they’re actually colleagues. She said Beth has worked over there on some stuff.

Howard asked Megyn if she’s only into guys. She said she is. Howard asked if she’s seen porn. She said she has seen some stuff but not all that much.

Howard went over Megyn’s personal life and family to find out about her siblings and all of that. Howard asked Megyn about her kid too. She said she had her son 6 and a half months ago. She said she gained 5 pounds after the kid was born. She said she figured she would have lost weight, not gained.

Howard asked Megyn about being shaved and he figured that she was completely shaved. Howard said he and Beth were talking about how hot she was when she was on the news the other day. Howard said Beth got him all whacked out when she said that.

Howard asked Megyn about going to law school. Megyn talked about that and how she ended up getting married after that. She said that the guy was a lawyer and a doctor. She said she was just unhappy with the guy though. Megyn said she’s still friends with him to this day but back then she decided to get into TV and she had a lot of time on her hands. She said she realized that they didn’t have anything in common. Howard said he would find something to be interested in with her. Megyn said that he was into sports and that’s just not her thing. Megyn said she likes to be adored too and she would need more attention than she was getting.

Howard asked when she lost her virginity. Megyn said she had her first boyfriend at 13 but she was mature and in love when lost virginity. Howard asked when she lost it. She said that she can’t say. Megyn said she’ll get calls from people complaining if she reveals that. Howard said no kids are listening so it’s fine.

Howard asked Megyn if she’s okay with pre-marital sex. She said she’s fine with that. Howard asked about what she did with guys in high school. She wasn’t talking.

Howard asked if Megyn dressed up in outfits for her husband. She said they have a very happy and healthy marriage. She said they keep the fights clean and the sex dirty. Howard asked if she has anal. Megyn wasn’t talking about any of that stuff. She thinks that Howard has an obsession with that stuff. Howard said he’s not sure what she’s saying. Howard said he thinks that it’s a sign of wildness in bed and he wants to know how far she takes it. Howard told Megyn about Robin’s anal sex story where she met this random guy and had anal with him. She claimed that she didn’t need lube back there. Howard told Megyn that Robin is pretty conservative too. Megyn asked what else they had to talk about. She asked Robin how she does this every day.

Howard asked Megyn about some non-sexual stuff. He asked her about how she got into law and things like that. Megyn told Howard how she got into being a newscaster and all of that. Howard told her how good she is on the news and how she appears to know things. She said she does a lot of reading stuff. Megyn said that she isn’t scripted and they don’t feed her stuff in her ear like people think. She said that she’s doing The View today and that show is completely scripted. She said that’s the way a lot of TV works but not the news that she does.

Howard asked Megyn about her father dying when she was just 15. She said it was sad. She said that her mother married a man though and she’s very happy. She said that she met him in a widows grieving group.

Howard asked Megyn who the guy is that she’s got in her life. She said that he’s the CEO of an internet security company. Megyn said that he has money but that’s not what makes you happy. She said that he’s a great guy and she met him back in 2006 after her divorce. She told Robin how she was set up on a date with this guy on a date. Megyn said she almost deleted the email about the date because she wasn’t sure if she was ready. She said that she waited 4 months before getting back to the woman. She said that she met the guy on the date and now he’s her husband.

Megyn told Howard when she met her husband she had a crazy stalker guy and she had some armed security guys wit her all the time. She said that the guy she met was around her with these two security guys. Megyn said they did catch the stalker guy though. She said he got out of jail after being arrested the first time but then he went back to stalking and he went back to jail.

Megyn said that the guy showed up at weird places and he would chase after her. She said he’s on a psych hold right now so that’s an indefinite amount of time. Megyn said they say that news people get stalked more than other celebrities because people think they’re talking directly to them.

Howard asked Megyn about how some people say she slept her way to the top. Megyn told Howard they thought that she was dating some guy there. She said she was new in the business and it was all over the industry web sites that she was having an affair and it just wasn’t true. Megyn said that Brit Hume was thrilled with the story and came into her office beaming when the rumors made the paper.

Howard gave Megyn an F, Marry Kill game. He gave her the names Bill O’Reilly, Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and told her to pick. She said she would marry Hannity, F-Bill O’Reilly and kill Glenn Beck. Howard said he can hear the reports now on FOX News about who she wants to kill Glenn Beck.

Howard asked Megyn about how they test her for being a conservative for FOX. She said she’s conservative on some things and not on others. Megyn said that they make assumptions about you when you work at FOX. She said her job is to do that on FOX. Howard asked about how she got her job and Megyn told him about how she thought her interview went really well but then one of the guys told her they didn’t think they were interested. She said she thought for sure she did great. Then he had to check with the boss and got the call 10 minutes later saying that Roger Ailes definitely wanted her.

Howard asked if Roger interviewed her personally. She said he did and he didn’t even ask her where she stood politically. She said that never came up at all and she swore that was true.

Howard asked Megyn who she thinks is hot there at FOX News. She said that she is a fan of Julie Banderas. She said she’s a hot mama.

Howard asked Megyn what happens when they lose their looks over at FOX. She didn’t seem to know. Howard said he has seen what happens to women over there. They just disappear. Megyn said that they could fire her and she feels pressure to look her best over there. Howard said that O’Reilly and Glenn Beck look like a mess and they don’t get fired.

Howard asked Megyn if they tell her how many pounds she can gain over there. She said there is nothing like that in the contract. Robin asked if they have a scale at the door. She said they do not.

Howard asked Megyn what she’s making over there. Megyn said she can’t say or she’ll get sued. Howard was going to try and guess but he had no clue. Howard said she probably makes about $250,000. Megyn said she can’t say so she’ll just let him say what he wants. Howard said in the old says she should have gotten half a million. Megyn said she’d do it for free because she loves it so much.

Howard asked Megyn if she wouldn’t have married her husband if he had a small penis. She said she has to reject the hypothetical. She said she’s never had to choose like that. Howard asked if her husband ever came to her and asked if he was bigger than the first husband. Megyn said that he’s not insecure like that. She said that he’s very aloof and he’s not too clingy. Howard said he would be very clingy. Howard said it sounds like he has a big penis.

Howard asked Megyn how often she’s having sex. She said she’s not saying. Howard guessed it’s like once a week.

Megyn was pointing out the one eyebrow she’s got that’s higher than the other. Howard asked what her best asset is. She said she thinks she has a nice clavicle. Howard asked if she takes baths or showers. She said she’s a shower girl. She said she does that just once a day. Howard asked what she does to work out. She said she works out on a stairmaster.

Howard said this was very exciting stuff today. Megyn said that her goal today was to try and get Howard to appear on her show. Howard said he doesn’t think he’ll do that. He said he might do that if he has something to promote but he’s got nothing. She said maybe he’ll return to terrestrial radio some day. Howard said he hates terrestrial radio so he doesn’t think that will happen. Howard said he hated it there and people like the content now.

Howard said he had fun doing some stuff there on terrestrial but now he can ask Megyn if she shaves her bush. Howard said this thing keeps growing there at SIRIUS and it’s unbelievable how great it’s been. Megyn asked Howard if this is it for him. Howard said he’s fine and if it ends in 8 months then that’s fine too. He said if they continue it then it’ll continue to be great. Howard said he doesn’t want to go back to terrestrial but he does have an offer. Howard said his fans don’t want to hear endless commercials anymore like they did on terrestrial.

Megyn asked Howard what it’s like to walk down the street being him. Howard said it was never easy. He said he has a lot of fans out there. He said that people are very nice most of the time. He said yesterday he had some guys just saying ”Rock and roll!” to him. He didn’t know how to respond. Howard said in New York people are pretty cool and they don’t bother you that much. He said they know how to handle celebrities.

Howard said it must be weird to have a stalker. Megyn said that they say you should never engage in discussions with a stalker so that’s kind of hard. Howard said he actually sends messages to schizophrenics over the radio. Howard said when they call the show he tells them that he actually is sending messages and tells them that they’re nuts.

Howard wrapped up with Megyn and gave her some plugs for her show that airs from 1 to 3 on FOX News. He suggested that she wear shorter and shorter dresses. Howard went to break a short time later.