Howard Stern voices his support for Bubba

It seems like now both Bubba and Tampa host MJ want their case to go to a mistrial, or do they?

On Friday, lawyers for MJ Schnitt asked for a mistrial, and they were opposed by lawyers for Bubba the Love Sponge.

On Monday, Bubba’s lawyers asked for a mistrial and were contended by MJ’s lawyers. Clems legal team is claiming media coverage of last week’s DUI arrest of one of Schnitt’s lawyers – and allegations from Schnitt’s lawyers that the arrest was a setup by Clem’s legal team – would hurt Bubba’s chances of getting a fair trial.

The judge, so far, hasn’t granted anyone a mistrial.

So as the lawsuit and craziness continues Howard Stern’s decided to voice his support for Bubba:

“I have gone online and read about it,” said Stern. “But I don’t even understand what I’m reading. It seems like one DJ’s upset because Bubba made fun of him but I didn’t hear the broadcast, it sounds like a lot of nonsense. It sounds like a free speech issue. I’m biased towards Bubba. He’s a friend of mine. I like him very much.

I don’t know this other DJ, but things can get heated in these radio wars. It’s sort of not a big deal. I think it sounds like the type of thing that on free speech you can get away with and I think Bubba will be OK and I’m hoping Bubba comes out all right. I’m a Bubba guy. So what am I supposed to do?”

Tampa DJ Suing Bubba the Love Sponge For Using Offensive Words?

On one side, Bubba the Love Sponge, on the other broadcaster Todd M.J Schnitt. It’s a civil defamation case in Tampa putting the two radio personalities against each other.

The civil case goes back five years. Schnitt and his wife are suing Bubba and Cox Radio for very offensive, insulting or fighting words and defamatory statements. Allegedly there were occasions when Bubba said he wanted M.J. dead, they claim, and called Schnitt`s wife a “whore”.

Legally, the lawsuit may be one worth keeping an eye on. It could further define who is a public figure, and influence how much freedom radio broadcasters have when it comes to their speech.