Bill Maher trashes the story of Noah’s Ark

Comedian Bill Maher hosted a ‘Real Time’ show on HBO on Friday that’s one for the big book. He spoke of the story of Noah’s Ark and called the biblical God a ‘psychotic mass murderer’ who also ‘drowns babies.’

Maher explains that he dislikes the story of Noah’s Ark because of it’s ‘implausibility’ and its ‘immorality’.

The controversial late night comedian points out that the story is about a man who at 900 years old decides to take two animals of every kind in the world, who conveniently happen to live within 5 miles of each other and load them onto a giant ship to save them from God as he destroys the world so that it may start anew.

Of course, Mill Maher is a comedian and not to be taken seriously.