Octomom Rides The Sybian (Video & Pics)

Octomom, Nadya Suleman rides the Sybian and promotes her first solo adult movie she did with Wicked Pictures.
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Video and Pics sent to Wcqj via Twitter..

Howard said the Octomom, Nadya Suleman, is coming in now. He said Nadya has 14 children. He said she looks good. Her boobs were popping out when she came in. Nadya said she’s doing great but Robin said she’s not and they all know it. Nadya said she really is doing good.

Howard said that Nadya did the kid thing and she has 14 kids that she has to deal with. Howard said they have a picture of her up on HowardStern.com today. Howard said he can smell her from there. She was heavily perfumed.

Howard said Nadya told them that she would never do porn. He said she said it wasn’t her and that’s just something she didn’t want to do. Howard said Nadya thought she could figure out a way to support the kids without going to porn but she was wrong. Nadya said she tried to get food stamps and she was so embarrassed that she had to do something. She said they’re off food stamps now that she’s doing this. She said she’s thankful for having hit rock bottoms. Nadya said it was the most humbling thing to happen to her. She asked who she is to judge anyone now.

Howard asked if she told the people who she was when she called about the food stamps. She said they told her that they were shocked that it took so long for her to call fro help. She said that they were like angels and they came and helped. She said they’ve been off the food stamps for a few months now. Howard said they must have brought the stamps down in crates. Nadya said that it’s like $4,000 a month in food alone for her and the kids.

Howard said he heard that her house is in foreclosure. Nadya said that she had an arrangement and she just found out yesterday that it is so she has people working on it. Nadya said she has a real estate agent working to negotiate for her. Nadya said the house isn’t in her name. She said it’s in the old owner’s name but she was paying for it. Howard said he’s not sure how she can live like this. Nadya said she has so many opportunities coming her way and she can see a light at the end of the tunnel.

Howard asked Nadya about this deal she signed where she said she will only masturbate. She’s not having sex with men in the porn. Howard said that she had to teach herself how to masturbate. Nadya started to bleed when she started to do it. Nadya said she is very small and she only had 4 of the kids naturally. She said she’s been celibate for many years. She said she hasn’t been with a man in 13 and a half years. She said she had a boyfriend back then and she could count the number of times she did it on her hands. Nadya said that she is attracted to men but she doesn’t touch them. She said she’s not attracted to herself but she touches herself.

Howard asked Nadya if she was molested or anything like that. Nadya said she never was. She said she grew up being taught that it was wrong to touch herself.

Howard asked how she learned how to masturbate. Nadya said she learned from Jessica Drake. Howard said she’s one of the top porn attractions in the world now. Nadya said the crew were very respectful and that’s why she was able to relax on the set.

Howard asked Nadya about getting naked and doing this for the first time. Nadya said she was comfortable doing the whole thing. Howard asked what they paid her to do it. Nadya said she’s not even sure. She said they have been so respectful with this whole thing. Howard asked if she’s afraid to tell them what she made. She said that they have total power over the whole thing and she hasn’t made nay money yet. She said that it depends on how many they sell. She said today is the big release day. Howard said it doesn’t sound like a total rescue yet.

Nadya said she has other things going on. She said she’s with SaveEveryday.com and OctoLoan.com that she’s working with.

Howard had the guys bring in Jessica Drake to talk about how she helped Nadya. Jessica came in and said that she’s been with Wicked pictures for 8 years now. She told Howard that she’s with Brad Armstrong who directed Nadya’s film. She said that his specialty is making women look really beautiful. She said that they’ve been together for 9 years. Jessica said that she was speaking at UCLA that morning and she’s been teaching people about sex. Howard asked what she can teach and if she can help him out with his premature ejaculation. She said she has some tips for him. She said that he can practice masturbating and then stopping and squeezing that can help delay the orgasm.

Howard said he has beaten off the last two nights and he should be able to hold out tonight so he’ll give that a try. He said he doesn’t think it works though. He said women just feel too good. Howard said he can’t hold out with a beautiful woman. Howard said he can’t hold out with his wife because she’s so good looking. Howard said maybe if he bangs only ugly women he could hold out.

Howard got back to Nadya’s story and asked what her boyfriend told her. Jessica said she had met Nadya a bunch of times. She said that she was at the house for wardrobe and things like that. She said that Nadya was nothing like what she expected.

Howard said he was surprised that Nadya’s boobs looked as good as they did. He said he expected them to be really saggy. Nadya said that she had a breast reduction. She said she was very big even as a teen.

Howard asked Jessica if she could tell Nadya how to masturbate now. Nadya said that she was just soothing and she imitated what Jessica did. Jessica said that Nadya was doing some pretty girl tease and she was caressing herself and Nadya would do what she was doing. She said that once she got the feel of what she was doing she started to do her own thing. Howard asked if Jessica put her finger in her ass. She said she didn’t do it that day but she does it usually. Nadya said she doesn’t think her finger would fit in her’s.

Nadya said that she tried to put the shiny thing in herself but she had issues. Howard asked what’s going on with this whole thing. Jessica said that she thinks that Nadya doesn’t have any confidence in herself. She said she doesn’t think that she’ll end up fucking a guy in a film. Howard said he thinks she will. Jessica said they didn’t offer her a certain amount of money to do something she didn’t want to do. She said that she’s just doing what she wants to do.

Nadya said that she has nothing but positive thoughts these days. Jessica said she sent Nadya home with a vibrator. Nadya said she took a small one home and that was perfect. Howard asked if she has masturbated since she did the movie. Nadya said she doesn’t have time to do it with the 14 kids.

Howard said Nadya wants to sit on the Sybian today. Nadya said she’s looking forward to it. Jessica said she thinks that it’s going to be great and Nadya can deliver those wild orgasms. Howard said Jessica might be like a vagina whisperer. Jessica said she likes to enable people to love sex. Howard said he’s never seen Jessica before. He asked if she has ever been a babysitter in any of her porn. She said she actually has.

Howard said this is a big change for Nadya. She said it really is and she faced her biggest fear of revealing her sexuality. Howard said she just has to be open and remember that’s not roast beef down there. Jessica said that her vagina is really cute. She said it’s very small. Very, very small. Jessica said she’s a fan of a beautiful vagina and she has one.

Howard said he thinks that Nadya is into women and she just doesn’t want to admit to it. Nadya said she’s going to plead the Fifth.

Howard said Nadya is going to ride the Sybian now. Jessica was going to help and coach her. Howard had the guys help Nadya get on the Sybian. Howard said she really does have a small vagina. He said it almost doesn’t exist.

Jessica showed Nadya how to sit on the Sybian. Nadya wasn’t sure where to sit. She didn’t know what the bumpy parts were for. Gary helped her out too. He told her where to sit. Howard said they’ll start her out at 20 percent. Will said that he heard she was going to get topless for this. She said she was afraid. Howard said she can do whatever she wants. Nadya asked if she could look at Jessica for this. Howard said she can because he thinks that she’s lesbian anyway.

Howard gave Nadya some plugs for her new video that’s out today at Wicked.com/Octomom

Howard had the guys start the Sybian. Nadya was out of it within seconds. Howard told Gary to turn it up from 20 percent to 60 percent a few seconds later. Nadya was trying to enjoy it and Jessica tried to help her relax. Nadya didn’t know what was going on. She was moaning like she was in pain. She kept saying ”Oh shoot!” and ”Oh god!” while it was running. Robin was cracking up. Jessica told her to just let it go. Nadya moaned and said ”Oh no!” and Jessica told her ”Oh yes!” Nadya asked them to stop a short time later. Howard told Gary to bring it down. Gary kept going up and down for a few more seconds.

Nadya asked what the heck that was. Howard asked Nadya what happened there. She said something happened. She said it worked. She said she’s kind of embarrassed though. Nadya asked if they’re the only ones who will see it. Howard said everyone who has Howard TV will see it. She said that’s not good.

Howard asked how many orgasms she had. Nadya said that she can’t remember. She asked who invented that thing. Howard said it was Dave Lampert. Howard said that this is a whole new you. He said that she went from not even talking about sex to riding the Sybian. Nadya said she’s becoming a woman. Howard said they’re seeing the rebirth of Nadya. Nadya said that all she can say is ”Wow!” She said she’s very talkative too.

Howard said that Jessica is an excellent coach. He said that she is a loving and caring woman. Howard said he’s sure that Nadya’s video will burn up the internet. He said that her video is called Home Alone and it’s available today. Nadya said she hopes the kids never see this. Howard said they will. He said she’ll have to move them to China.

Howard said that Nadya will be at a celebrity pillow fight in Pennsylvania and you can get tickets at Ticketweb.com.

Howard told Nadya that she shouldn’t wear fishnets. He said they’re not hot. Nadya said she wanted to cover up some tattoos and stuff. Howard asked if she left anything on the Sybian. She said she didn’t want to know. Will told her it was kind of wet and it had a smell. She just said ”Oh no!” Howard wrapped up and went to break a short time later.