Is Bubba the Love Sponge a complete moron?

Jill Kelley emails say David Petraeus and John Allen asked her to stop former Howard 101 radio host Bubba the Love Sponge from desecrating the Koran.

Kelly wrote the city’s mayor, Bob Buckhorn, saying that David Petraeus and Gen. John Allen had asked her about preventing the stunt.

In March 2012, a Tampa shock jock called Bubba the Love Sponge announced he was going to “deep fat fry” a Koran as a stunt.

Tampa socialite Jill Kelley wrote the city’s mayor saying that then CIA Director David Petraeus and the top commander in Afghanistan, Gen. John Allen, had asked her about “getting this dealt with.”

Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn responded that the city was “working on it,” according to email correspondence released by his office this week.

Buckhorn also wrote “This Bubba the Love Sponge is a complete moron.”

Bubba the Love Sponge never followed through on the inflammatory move, but he was reportedly part of a crowd outside Kelley’s Tampa mansion on Friday.

Not happy over being called a moron, Bubba drove his truck in front of the Kelley house for a half-hour, pumping his new parody to song “Petraeus.”

He also blasted Major Buckhorn saying “I will make it my mission to destroy this guy. I am his political death sentence.”