Richard Roeper (Howard Stern Interview)

Howard said that Richard Roeper’s movie review TV show ”At The Movies” has been canceled. He said that he has banged a lot of hot broads. He said the guy is a real Cocksman. He said he has to hand it to him.

Howard asked where Richard was. He said he was talking about him so he figured they’d bring him in. They brought Richard in a short time later. Howard said Richard is a legendary Cocksman as he was coming in.

Howard said it’s good to see Richard. He said he stays in touch with Roger Ebert’s wife and it’s kind of sad that the show is going away. Richard said they had a lot of amazing co-hosts during the past few years. He said that when Roger left they had guests come in to fill in for him.

Richard said that John Mellencamp was a guest host and he was good. He said Fred Willard was on too and he was good. Kevin Smith gave his opinion when he came on and that was really good too.

Howard asked Richard what his game plan is now. Richard said he’s doing his reviews on his web site at He said he’s doing a radio show now too. He said he’s going to be on WLS with this guy Row in the afternoons. Howard said that’s a big deal. Richard said he’s really excited about it. He said he does stuff for some cable channels too. He does stuff for Reelz and other channels. He said he does stuff in the studio for them. He films himself for his web site. Richard said it’s amazing how he can get those reviews up on his site so quickly.

Howard said it’s kind of cool that he’s going to be on radio. He said that these guys in radio spend years getting to that point and Richard is just coming in and getting on. Howard said we don’t know if he’s going to be great but he is good on this show. Howard said he should be okay on that show too.

Howard asked Richard if he wrote about this late night TV show thing. Richard said he did and he still likes Jay because he has always been good to him. Richard said that Conan is the martyr in all of this though. He said that if everyone that has come out to support him now had watched his show when it was on, this never would have happened.

Howard said that Jay Leno seems to take all of this bullshit from NBC and he never leaves. He said he should have had some pride and gone somewhere else. Richard said he thinks that if he had gone on against Conan he probably could have beaten him. He said that’s the way Jay does things. He’s unstoppable.

Howard asked Richard about Roger Ebert and the new computer voice he has. Richard said he hasn’t spoken to him since he got his own voice on the computer. He said he did speak to him when he had the generic voice on his computer. He said Roger is very fast and he is able to keep up. Richard said that Roger has people who talk louder to him thinking he’s lost his hearing. He said that his writing is better than ever too. He said the guy is tough and he’s been through a lot. Richard said he’s doing much better than he could ever do himself.

Howard asked if Roger goes out to the movies. Richard said he’s at every movie and he’ll be there with the audiences. He said that he’s got a film festival coming up soon too.

Howard said it must be tough to be around. Richard said that he can’t talk or eat and those are two things that Roger loved to do.

Howard said that Richard was with this really beautiful woman and he gave her the heave ho. He asked if he has a hot girlfriend now. Richard said he does. Howard told him he should have brought her in there. Richard said she’s not even in this country. He said he wouldn’t bring her on the show ever.

Howard asked Richard what she does. Richard said she’s done some acting and stuff. Howard asked what she’s been in but Richard was trying to protect her and kept it quiet.

Howard asked Richard if he took any video or pictures of the chick. Richard said you have to be careful doing that these days.

Howard asked Richard how he got into the movie reviewing thing. Richard said he didn’t go to school to get into that and he just lucked out when he did the show with Roger after Gene Siskel died.

Howard said that Richard backed him up ion his comments about Gabourey Sidibe even though he said they were kind of crude. Howard said that he was saying that a woman that fat isn’t going to get regular work in Hollywood. Richard said people thought Howard was making fun of her but he was just commenting on how she’s not going to get work in many movies. Richard said that Jessica Biel is a hot chick and she can’t get a date in a movie she’s in.

Richard said that people seemed to think that they were being exposed for what they say about Gabbby. He said that there were women who weigh nothing who were talking about how beautiful Gabby looked at the Academy Awards.

Howard said he thinks that the reason it caused such shock waves is because people wanted to talk about it and he was the one who broke the ice.

Howard said Richard wrote a book and he thinks he has a gambling problem. He said that he spoke to him about this one other time. The book is called ”Bet the House: How I Gambled Over a Grand a Day for 30 Days on Sports, Poker, and Games of Chance.” Howard said that it seems that Richard is a gambler but he doesn’t think he is. Richard said he wanted to explore the world of gambling and that’s why he wrote this book. He said that anything you can gamble on is what America is about.

Richard set a goal to bet at least $1,000 a day for a month to see what would happen. He said there were times when he would bet 10-15 times that amount. He said he was betting on anything and everything. He said he was betting on dog races and stuff like that. Howard said that he and his father would bet on dog races together and he would hit based on a number he saw on the wall.

Howard said that Richard bet Artie on the show one day and he won. Artie sent him a check and wrote him a check that said ”Here fruity, here’s your fucking money.” He had a longer letter that Howard read from Richard’s book.

Howard said Richard was betting frivolously and he didn’t care about what he was betting on. Howard said he found out that the less effort he put into it, the better he did. He said he was winning on things where he should have been losing. Richard said he was doing really good on the slots. He gambled on the slots for days and he was making thousands doing it. Richard said that he was doing too good and he was finding that he was winning too much.

Howard asked if he bet too much on stuff toward the end just so he’d show that you can’t win all the time. Richard said it would have been kind of depressing if he had lost every day. Richard didn’t want to give away the end of the book though so he kept that a secret so people would have to check out the book.

Howard said that Richard reviews movies too. He said one of Richard’s favorite movies of 2009 was ”Brothers.” Robin said she wants to see that. Howard said it was a great movie. He said no one saw it though. Richard said the movie was better than Hurt Locker. Howard said Richard liked ”Up in the Air” too. Howard said he liked that. Hurt Locker was another one that Richard liked. Richard liked Inglourious Basterds and Up. He liked Avatar but he said that James Cameron filmed the movie with 3D in mind and you felt like it was part of the movie. He said that Clash of the Titans was bad. He said they filmed it and then they added the 3D elements and that just doesn’t work.

Richard said the 3D fad is back and they don’t need to do that. He said that they’re going to bring out a lot of movies that shouldn’t be in 3D because of that. Howard said he doesn’t like the 3D effect because it’s very dizzying. He said he saw Avatar and thought it was too dark but it turned out he had his sunglasses on under the 3D glasses. He said he hopes they don’t make everything in 3D because he’s not that thrilled with it.

Howard said Richard liked ”Adventureland” but he didn’t know what that was. Richard said that Kristin Stewart was in that. They talked about that and some other movies that were on Richard’s list. Richard told Howard about some of the movies that no one saw and how they just get lost. He said that some of them don’t do well in the theaters but they may do okay on DVD.

Howard asked if Sandra Bullock deserves the Oscar for ”Blind Side.” Richard said no. He said that she was good in the movie though. He said that Meryl Streep should have won. He said that she’s an amazing actress. Howard agreed with him on that. Richard said Sandra was good but not as good as Meryl Streep.

Howard said that you have to feel bad for Sandra after she found out about her husband cheating on her. Howard said that she had to have known that some of that stuff was going on. Richard said that she made such a big deal out of the guy too and that’s what’s sad. Richard said she was the one who didn’t fit into the mould.

Howard asked Richard if he’s in the camp that thinks that Sandra should get her head tattooed so she fits in with Jesse James. Richard laughed at that. He said that’s like the people who think that Elin should get implants and start dancing at strip clubs.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked if Roger Ebert has ever admitted how much he hated Gene Siskel. Richard asked the guy what kind of inside info he had. Howard said that they did kind of have a bit of a battle all the time. He said they would argue about everything and they would even argue about McDonald’s and Burger King. They were passionate and articulate when they’d argue no matter what it was about. Howard said that they were great guests on the show because they had opinions about everything.

Another caller said that they always bring up Kathy Bates when they talk about Gabby Sidibe but she’s not in the same league. Howard said he knows that and he’d want Gabby to get a lot of roles. He said he doesn’t want her to fail.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that he had to correct Howard on Gabourey Sidibe. He said that Howard said she would never work at all. He wasn’t just saying that she would never get a leading role. Howard said he meant that even if it didn’t come out that way. He said he and Robin were commenting on the way Oprah was kissing her ass and making it sound like she’s going to be in a lot of leading roles. Howard said he has nothing against her.

Another caller said that Richard is on WLS radio and he follows Mancow and Rush Limbaugh. Richard said that Mancow has actually been fired but Rush is still on the show. The caller said that the whole station leans to the right. Richard said he knows that. Howard asked if she thinks that he shouldn’t be on there. She said she thought Richard was a little more enlightened than that. Richard said he’s not going to change his views just because the host is conservative. Richard said that he thinks that maybe he’ll bring something new to the station and maybe some new listeners.

Howard took a call from a guy who asked about Hurt Locker and what he thought about that. He said that the guy the movie was based on isn’t getting paid. Howard said that the guy claims that the story was his and it was stolen from him but he doesn’t know anything about that. Richard said a reporter was embedded with the troops so that’s what the movie was based on. The caller said that they changed a couple of things in the movie and it’s kind of like what happened to Howard and ”Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader.” Howard said he doesn’t know that much about what’s going on with that movie. He said that he didn’t really care either.

Howard told Richard he will read his book ”Bet the House: How I Gambled Over a Grand a Day for 30 Days on Sports, Poker, and Games of Chance” and told the fans to check him out in Chicago on that radio station.

Ralph called in and asked Richard if he thinks that James Cameron should have won for best director. Richard said he did think he should have. He said the story in Hurt Locker was better than Avatar though. Ralph asked what movie should have won best picture. Richard said he loved Hurt Locker. He said he thinks that Inglourious Basterds was great too though.

Howard asked Richard how many women he’s working now. Richard said he was just about out of there and he had to hit him with that. Ralph said Richard had that really hot chick. He asked who dumped who. Richard said that was a long time ago, he doesn’t remember. Howard asked if he’s going to talk about sex on the radio show. Richard said he’ll do that just like Rush Limbaugh does. Howard said he’d actually listen if Rush did that.

Howard took another call from a guy who said that gamblers aren’t the only ones watching sports. He said the people he hangs out with don’t bet either. He said that he likes sports without the gambling. Howard said that’s not exactly what Richard said and there are a lot who just enjoy the games.