Ronnie’s Superman Tattoo (SCORESMAN got a Tattoo)

Ronnie has a history of poor ink choices: His shark that’s peppered with the moles that cover his body, his “panther” that looks like a salamander, and now his new statement: the New Superman logo on his arm.

Ronnie Superman TattooRonnie is well known as a massive fanatic of the comic book hero Superman. Oh wait, no he isn’t. He knows little to nothing about the guy.

So why did he get a reminder of him permanently inked on his body? Because he liked the logo.

It’s also a very, very subtle way to display his girlfriend’s initials – which are S. C. – because if you get a jewelers loupe and you’re under halogen lights, you can see a tiny “c” incorporated into the logo.

Howard still wholeheartedly approved of the Batman logo he’d shaved into his mustache, but not the Superman logo he’d inked into his arm.

Ronnie’s Batman Mustache

Last week, the moment we had all been waiting for finally came to pass. Ronnie the Limo Driver dyed his mustache and had it shaved into the Batman logo.

The Stern Show brought in Mike the Barber – who was used to shaving all kinds of wild designs into heads and faces – to do the deed.

The verdict: Everyone loved it. It looked even better than Howard imagined it would. “Ronnie looks fifty times better with the logo than his regular mustache.”

Ronnie the Limo Driver and Lisa G Make Out

It was revealed that Howard 100 News reporter Lisa G wanted to make out with Ronnie the Limo Driver so badly that she pitched the idea multiple times.

The ageless newswoman got her wish.

@Sternshow tweeted a simple message:

If you want to see Lisa G make out with Ronnie RETWEET this now! #LisaKissRonnie

The moment it hit 5,000 re-tweets – which only took a few minutes – the two went at it, with Ronnie going as far as groping Lisa’s ass and exploring with his index finger.

Ronnie the Limo Driver Makes the News

Who is Ronnie the Limo Driver?

The part of the country that doesn’t listen to Howard Stern and his pranksters learned the answer to that question when Captain Janks decided to prank CBS LA into putting him live on the air as a spokesman for California Department of Fish and Game druing the Christopher Dorner standoff.

“We believe it was Ronnie the limo driver who filed at Mr. Dorner,” Janks said. “He was on his way to a block party and got caught in the fire-out.”

Ronnie being Ronnie

Say hello to Kerry Picket, who writes and edits The Water Cooler blog for TWT. Her work history is complex, sordid and fascinating. Her first media job was writing for MTV. She began at and proceeded to MTV Radio. In 2003 she became an intern for The Howard Stern Show. She then moved to Washington, but one day Gary Dell’Abati called, saying, “Robin really wants you to come to work for her.” This would be Stern’s sidekick Robin Quivers. So Picket picked up and returned to New York, where she became Quivers’ assistant for a year. She returned to D.C. in 2007, worked for the Media Research Center and ultimately landed at TWT.

But let’s return to the summer of 2006. This is when her then-boss, Howard Stern, interviewed her on air . She had attended a party at Ronnie the Limo Driver‘s house in Queens and had brought her new camera. “What happened was I was sitting down at a table showing it to everyone,” she explained. “He [Ronnie] got very drunk. Sometimes we women wear jeans and the underwear goes above the pants. Ronnie was a little drunk, he begins saying, ‘Look at that Picket over there, she’s got plumber ass!’ So they caught Ronnie doing that. They brought that soundbite back to Howard and Howard begins scolding him. ‘Why are you picking on Robin’s assistant?’” He then called Picket on air and asks, “So Kerry, what kind of underwear were you wearing?” She told him, “It was Jockey Hanes Your Way, that’s why it was probably seeping above my jeans at that point.” Picket, no longer mortified, says she enjoyed working for the Stern show, where duties included helping the guys with prank calls. “I tried to stay away from the weird stuff,” she said, explaining that Stern isn’t what he seems. “On air Howard comes off like a wild guy,” she said. “Off the air, low-key, a gentleman. He was always very nice to me, always very sweet.”

Ronnie the Limo Driver loves Mambo

Howard said they went downstairs in the building and they were in the lobby. He said that Beth smelled Mambo in the lobby and she figured he was in there. Howard said Ronnie never comes in there. He said they went outside and asked Ronnie if he was in there. He actually was in there and the smell of his Mambo was in there. Howard said he gave Beth a kiss goodbye and Ronnie said that she should be kissing him. He thinks that people love that Mambo.

Howard said you have to be careful with that stuff. He said Beth could smell him in the building after he left. Ronnie came in and asked what he was talking about. Ronnie said he doesn’t douse himself in the stuff. Howard asked how long he was in there. Ronnie said it was like 30 seconds. Howard said Beth could smell him when the elevator doors opened. Ronnie said that Beth loves his smell. Howard said she doesn’t love it. Howard told Ronnie that he has to listen to him. He said if someone can smell you a mile away, it’s not a good thing. He said Ronnie interprets it like that and it’s not funny. He said he has to be subtle. Robin said he’s never heard that word before. She said he has to explain that to Ronnie.

Howard told Ronnie to just spray a little and walk through it. Howard said he didn’t smell it but Beth could. Fred said he could smell it and he must have spilled it on himself. Ronnie said he can’t spill it, it’s a spray bottle.

Howard asked Ronnie if he had religious training as a kid. Ronnie said he did but it was just once a week. Howard thanked him for coming in and kicked him out.

Howard said that JD’s office really smells. He said he likes to go in and talk to JD and he has this little booth he works in. Howard said it’s hard to stay near there. He said he’s not sure if it’s rotting food or his breath. JD came in and said he’s bathing so it isn’t him. Howard said he should bathe in Mambo. JD said he was the one out in the hall who said ”P U” when Ronnie walked out. Howard said JD is funny.
JD said his air conditioning doesn’t work in there. He said sometimes he has to close his door and that might be why it smells.

Howard gave him some advice on how to clean up his breath. He showed him how to brush his teeth and gums and things like that. Howard said he has to do this to keep his breath nice. He said he has to use a toothbrush and not a rag like Richard used to do. JD said he uses a toothpick thing. Howard told him to use Mentadent. He said that will work better. Howard also told him to pick up some Stimudent. He said he has to get in there and pick through each tooth.

Will came in and said that it’s JD’s breath. He said it hits you in the face. He said he has to hold his breath around him. He said he was serious too. He told Howard that Mentadent isn’t going to help. He needs something stronger than that. Howard said he was watching behind the scenes of JD and he was lecturing JD about cleaning his room. JD turned around and said that’s what life is like around the Howard Stern show. Howard told JD to go back and brush his teeth.