Email from disappointed fan to us

F the SFN. It’s a horrid site, that barely works, with a bunch of no life having guys all sucking at the tit of an old man that clearly lives in a bubble now. Howard has completely made the transformation into Hampton’s Howie.

Stern used to be my favorite show, but now it truly is awful. I’m just glad I wasn’t dumb enough to pay for satellite radio and instead downloaded the episodes for free without commercials and put them on my iPod with no limitation as to where I can listen. No need for extra equipment. MP3 player plus my car, and home theater system which both have aux input jacks, or just headphones. All free and way better than paying and listening to Howie talk about the fucking Bachelor, American Idol, or Beth on an over-priced piece of shit “radio” that would break after six months.

SFN sucks, Mutt is a leech and a nobody, Joey Boots is a fat jobless fake-fag for cash. All of these nobodies need to be on suicide watch when old daddy money banks retires in two years.

Robin Quivers Handshake Fail

Mr.Skin refused to shake Robin’s hand (supposedly). After The Mr.Skin Interview, Robin Quivers extends her hand but gets denied.

“Well even if he did see her I don’t really care or blame him, he is most likely a big stern fan and he probably thinks she ruins the show. Who cares though because I cant tell if he even saw her.”

And Finally, from Mr.Skin himself. “Nah…it was unintentional. It’s pretty intimidating in there. Lots going on. I love Robin. In fact, I wish she came over and hugged me!’