Stern Show Moving To 7am Start?

howard stern 2014Howard Stern spoke on his show this morning about news reports that SiriusXM wants to sign him to a contract extension.

He also acknowledged that he was considering delaying the start time of his program from 6 a.m. to 7 a.m.

The radio host has a little under two years remaining on his current deal. Though the famed DJ has always hinted at leaving or retiring at contract time, this time he appears to be simply stating how he feels.

Stern has long complained that the early start time for his program forces him to have to go to sleep very early. He has, in recent years, made a case that because his program loops all day anyway there is not reason for him to stick to traditional radio start times.

Morning drive is the most lucrative period of the day for regular radio. It’s hard to argue that the 6-10 a.m. traditional time period makes sense in the subscription based satellite model Stern broadcasts in now.

Howard Stern’s Future at Sirius XM

king of all mediaSirius XM Radio, which is controlled by Liberty Media, would like to keep Howard Stern on the air when his current contract with the company ends, CFO David Frear reiterated on Tuesday.

Speaking at the Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Telecom and Media Conference, Frear reminded investors that Stern’s contract was coming up at the end of 2015. Last time around, “he signed the contract and said he couldn’t believe he did it again because of how early he has to get up.”

He added, “I do think he loves what he is doing, I think he loves the creative freedom that he gets on the Sirius platform. I think he loves the reach that he gets.”

“As long as Howard wants to work, we’d love to have him on the air.”

Discussing Sirius’ programming lineup, Frear said “there isn’t any piece we are missing” and that “there isn’t anything we wanted to keep that we haven’t kept.”

Apple to put Sirius XM out of business?

Apple is hoping to make its iOS products more attractive to drivers. The tech giant introduced CarPlay this morning. CarPlay makes it easier for drivers to engage with their iPhones without having to take their eyes off the road.

They can make phone calls, check voice mails, and pull up directions by simply pressing a steering wheel button and calling up Apple’s voice-recognizing Siri. It will be available this week for Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, and Ferrari drivers, but more than a dozen other car giants are already on board to roll it out soon.

iradioHow does this potentially trip up Pandora or Sirius XM? Well, naturally, CarPlay also makes it seamlessly easy to use an iPhone’s flash memory or mobile connection for audio entertainment on the open road.

“CarPlay gives drivers access to all of their music, podcasts, audiobooks and iTunes Radio with easy navigation through listening choices from the car’s built-in controls or simply by asking Siri to pull up what you’d like to hear,” Apple’s press release explains.

“CarPlay also supports select third-party audio apps including Spotify and iHeartRadio, so you can listen to your favorite radio services or sports broadcast apps while driving.”

Sirius XM also can’t ignore CarPlay. It’s in the car, and that’s where the satellite radio monopoly is primarily used by most subscribers. Apple also makes it a point to emphasize the ability to stream podcasts, audiobooks, and sports broadcast apps.

In other words, it’s not just a music play. CarPlay wants to turn your iPhone into your radio and that could weigh on Sirius XM as well as terrestrial radio. As great as Sirius XM is, it has increased its rates twice over the past three years despite programming costs per subscriber declining in that time. It may be susceptible to free or nearly free entertainment options that are just as easy to experience.

Sirius XM boss Mel Karmazin to be replaced?

Liberty Media Corp Chief Executive Greg Maffei escalated a war of words with Sirius XM Radio Inc boss Mel Karmazin on Thursday, saying Karmazin could be replaced when his contract expires at the end of the year.

Liberty Media is close to taking control of the satellite radio provider, pending approval by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission.

Speaking at a Goldman Sachs investor conference in New York, Maffei said that Karmazin, who has led Sirius XM since 2004, was “valuable” but not “irreplaceable.”

“I think there are plenty of people who could do a great job running the business,” said Maffei, whose Liberty Media holds a 49.6 percent stake in Sirius XM and has said it plans to raise its stake above 50 percent.

Karmazin’s contract expires at the end of the year. He told investors last week that he is open to contract negotiations but that “my instincts today are that Liberty does not need me at the company.”

Artie Lange at the Sirius XM Celebrity Fantasy Football Draft

Artie Lange back with Sirius XM for the Third Annual Sirius XM Celebrity Fantasy Football draft.

Celebrities such as Maurice Jones-Drew, Mike “The Miz” Mizanin and Steve Phillips took part in the festivities, held at the Hard Rock Café in Times Square. They also took time to tell The Post about how they plan to attack the season.

“I’m going to be doing the drafting, I’m only going to draft guys from the ‘80s,” Comedian Nick DiPaolo, who picked alongside his co-host on Sirius XM Artie Lange, said. “We’re going Gale Sayers at the top, then Brian Piccolo.”

Lange echoed his partner’s sentiments:

“I’m a degenerate gambler so this is kind of like a trigger to me, my GA sponsor didn’t even want me here,” Lange said. “After my third pick, I’ll end up running guns to Cuba.”

Sirius XM isn’t home anymore

Howard Stern says he no longer feels welcome at Sirius XM.

Stern has been embroiled in a legal battle with his employer since March 2011, claiming the company bilked him out of millions of dollars in stock bonuses he was promised as part of his original contract in 2006.

Stern is now back to his old role as company pariah, stating that he’s started moving his personal items like family photographs out of his office for fear of sabotage from bitter coworkers.

“It didn’t feel like my pictures belonged here anymore. I actually started thinking: ‘I don’t know if my stuff is safe here.’ It’s an emotional feeling. I all the sudden it didn’t feel like this was home. Nobody ever came and talked to me about this is a civilized way. I’m a pretty important player here in the mix. They treat me like I’m a fucking asshole. I knew that I was in for more of the same early on. I predicted all this anyway. I knew something weird would happen. I just knew it. There’s tremendous resentment here about me. That’s what I feel. People can’t deal with it.”

Whats going on at Sirius?

Howard Stern brought his legal battle with Sirius XM to the airwaves Tuesday morning, trashing the satellite radio company’s executives during the Howard Stern Show for what he believes is a breach of his 2006 contract.

News that Howard Stern’s production company and agent Don Buchwald were suing Sirius XM broke in March 2011, just three months after Stern renewed his contract through 2015.

Stern’s lawyers claim he was bilked out of millions in performance related stock options. The battle comes down to whether or not Stern should receive any credit for the 10 million subscribers Sirus picked up when they acquired their rival XM in 2008.

“Everybody forgets what the f**k was going on around here when I signed on,” seethed Stern Tuesday. “Sirius Radio, by the way, was just about going out of business. I sat down with these guys and I said to them: ‘Look—if I leave terrestrial radio and come to Sirius, I’m gonna bust my balls for you. I’m gonna make s**t happen…I guarantee you guys acquire XM radio. Forget merge—that’s a horses**t f***ing term—ACQUIRE XM radio….But people have a short memory. Everybody’s got a short memory about what went on here…And now that times are good and they’ve reached ‘it,’ everybody wants to f***ing forget what they owe—and WHO they owe…There wouldn’t be a Sirius if I wasn’t here. It wouldn’t be here. This way a Hail Mary pass, hiring me.”

“The war is coming,” warned Stern. “It isn’t over yet. The internet is coming to the car! There’s one thing that separates this company from these other companies that offer music for free—ME!”

Howard Stern resigns with Sirius XM for 5 additional years!

The drama is over for Sirius XM, as star personality Howard Stern announced he had reached a “fair deal” to stay with the satellite radio company for an additional five years. The announcement caused a spike in Sirius’ stock price through the early hours of Thursday’s session.

Sirius XM, the satellite radio company, had been in long negotiations with its star “shock jock” Howard Stern over the renewal of his contract. Stern, who came on in 2005 with a five-year $500 million dollar contract, had told his listeners he would not be “taking a f-ing paycut,” claiming he was “bigger” than Sirius’ prior target, Oprah.

Things finally worked out on Thursday, with Stern telling his listeners he had reached another five-year contract with Sirius for an undisclosed amount. His personal website boasts one line affirming the deal and anticipating “details to follow.” Stern ranked 39 in Forbes’s 2010 Celebrity 100.

In a statement from Sirius, Stern is quoted saying that when he started at Sirius the company had “approximately 600,000 subscribers. Today, the two companies [Sirius and XM, which fused in 2008] have 20 million; and, in my view, we have just scratched the surface of how many people can get on board.” Sirius, which has constantly sought to expand audiences through new deals and hot talent, announced that the new contract would give them the right to transmit Stern’s show on mobile devices.