Jerry Springer

Jerry Springer interviewed on The Howard Stern Show.

Howard said Jerry Springer was there. He said he’s been fascinated with the guy for years. Jerry came in a short time later. Howard said his show has been on a long time. He must have been on as long as Oprah. Jerry said it hasn’t been quite that long.

Howard asked Jerry about what happened to his show and why he left America’s Got Talent. Jerry said that he did go off to do some other stuff that one summer he took off. He said that they decided to go younger. He said that he’s 67 now and they wanted someone younger. He said that he did the 25 city tour with them so he’s still with the show. He said he just doesn’t host it anymore. Jerry said that the show is a stupid show.

Howard said that Jerry has said that if his mother was alive he would never host that show. Jerry said that his parents were very proper and he would have been embarrassed to do that show. He said he never cursed in front of his parents and that’s the way things were. He said his father sold stuffed animals when he was growing up. He said he grew up in Queens. He said he went to PS 99. Howard said his background sounds so depressing and sad. His family was just about wiped out in the Holocaust. Howard said he must have heard stories about how awful the world must be when he was growing up. Jerry said that you can respond to that in two ways. He said his parents never spoke about it. He said all of their relatives were dead and they saw the pictures on the wall.

Jerry said he didn’t know where they died until a couple of years ago when this TV show did some research and found out where they were killed. He said this was on the BBC and they were able to find the records. He said that they found out what train car they were on and the experiments they did on his family. He said his dad’s mom had experiments done on her. Howard asked what they did to her. Jerry said they did things on her brain. Howard said he wasn’t exposed to that much as a kid. Jerry said his parents didn’t even want to go see the Sound of Music. He said they could never buy a Volkswagen or anything like that.

Howard said that Jerry travels a lot now. Jerry said that his parents didn’t like doing it but they encouraged him to do it. He said his parents were like 35-37 years old when the Holocaust thing happened. He said they were among the last 100 people to get out of Germany before the war. He said that his sister was born a month later. Jerry said his parents got out and his sister was born in London and so was he. Jerry said that they never knew what happened to the family but now he knows what happened. Jerry said that they took him around and told him about all of this stuff for the BBC show.

Jerry told Howard about how he became an American citizen eventually but he was born in England. Robin said he could never run for President. Howard said that Jerry was a mayor and it seemed like he was going to get into a career in politics. Jerry said he was fascinated with politics. Howard asked how he got elected Mayor of Cincinnati. Jerry said that was a fluke. He said he was a hippie and an activist. He said he wasn’t thinking about a career at the time. Jerry said he did go to law school and he did well. He went to Northwestern University. Howard said he did very well then.

Howard said that George Clooney was a supporter of Jerry’s. Jerry said he was a news anchor on a TV station in Cincinnati. George’s father was on a competing station. He said they had editorials that he would do there for 10 years. Howard said he had no idea that he did that. Howard said he read that he’s worth like 500 million. Jerry said that’s really not true. Howard asked if he owns the show. Jerry said that he doesn’t. He said he does very well but he’s not a billionaire. Howard said that wants to know what he’s wroth. Jerry said he’s not going to say. He said it’s not $500 million. Jerry said that everyone calls him asking for money but he really doesn’t have it.

Howard asked Jerry if he gets a lot of shit from people on the street. Jerry said he never does. He said that he would never watch the show now. He said that he would have watched it when he was in college. Howard said the show is still very successful. Jerry said he has a niche. Howard said that at the height of his show he had 30 million daily viewers. Jerry said they’re still on around the world but the ratings aren’t quite where they were but they’re still doing well.

Howard asked Jerry what he would be doing if he wasn’t doing that. Jerry said he’d like to be doing a late night show or a political show. Howard said he should do it. Jerry said no one is asking him to do that. Howard asked if he’s a liberal. Jerry said that he is. Howard asked if he’s against the war in Iraq. Jerry said he is. Howard asked about Afghanistan. Jerry said he’s a little less so against that one. Howard said he’s the same way. Jerry said that what they did in Iraq was so wrong. He said that you don’t start a war with a country that they think has Weapons of Mass Destruction but you don’t know where they are. He said that makes it even worse what we did there.

Howard asked Jerry about what he thought of Elliot Spitzer when he got in trouble for going to a hooker. Jerry said that it was the opposite of what he was going after and that’s why people got so uncomfortable with what was going on. Howard asked Jerry about what happened with him and the hooker. Jerry said he had to retire but it had zero effect on his career. He said that he’s not one to judge someone else. Jerry said that the hooker never cashed either so he never actually paid for sex.

Howard asked if Jerry is for the legalization of pot. Jerry said he’s not. He told Howard that he was very big on civil rights and other things so he didn’t want to get involved in that issue. He said he doesn’t want that fight. Jerry said that he never inhaled just like bill Clinton. He said he tried to inhale once and it didn’t work for him. He said he burned the back of his throat.

Howard asked Jerry if he’s happy with the way things have gone. Jerry said of course he is. Howard said that being an anchor today would be tough. Jerry said that’s not a great job to have. Jerry said he doesn’t think he’s talented but he knows what he’s good at. Howard said that being an anchor is a talent. Jerry said that’s a skill, not a talent. Jerry said that you don’t have to be talented to be in TV. He said you have to be talented to be in a play on stage on Broadway.

Howard said that Jerry has a new game show called Baggage on the Game Show Network. Jerry said it’s a funny show. It airs at 6:30 and 9:30pm on GSN. Jerry told Howard about what they do on the show and they’ll have 3 women come out and tell their life story and then the guy gets to open their baggage which has stories about each woman and they find out the stuff they may not like. Then when the guy picks the woman he has to open his baggage revealing his issues. Jerry said they had one show where a woman revealed that she was born a man. Jerry said that she didn’t look like a man at all.

Howard asked if he would ever try homosexuality. Jerry said he’s happy where he is now. He said he’s been married for 37 years. He said he’s very happily married. Howard thought he had been separated for a while but Jerry said that’s not true. He said he has a normal existence. Jerry said he never had a date in high school and when he got to college he had some fun. He said he was a very late bloomer as far as growing. He said he was only 5’1” when he graduated high school. He was still growing in his 20s.

Jerry told Howard that he was in college at 17 so Howard wondered if he was a braniac or something. Jerry said he did well in school. He said that doesn’t mean that he’s talented. He said that Howard has talent and he could never do what Howard does. Howard asked if he liked Piers Morgan. Jerry said he did. He said that he thought the interview Howard did with him was great. He said part of his persona is to boast about being the greatest and he liked the way Howard knocked him down a notch by telling him to just see who he has to get for guests.

Jerry said he told Piers that you can’t invite kids on the show to abuse them. He said that if they’re not good enough to be on the show then don’t have them on. Jerry said he had to tell them to stop it during a live show once.

Howard asked Jerry about playing Captain Hook in a play. Howard asked if he gets bad reviews. Jerry said that he does okay. He said he has such respect for people who do this. He said he wants to experience everything so that’s why he’s doing this. He said they saw him on Dancing with the Stars and that’s how he got this job.

Howard asked Jerry about his daughter being born blind and deaf and how she can see now. Jerry said she wasn’t really blind. He said that she was ”legally blind” but he’s a mother now and she’s doing fine. Howard said that must have been tough. Jerry said that he couldn’t imagine having another child even when they found that out. Jerry said she was also born with no holes in the back of her nose. He said that one in six million people have this problem with their eyes. He said that she’s 35 now and she’s happily married.

Howard said that Jerry went on Dancing with the Stars to learn to dance for his daughter’s wedding. Howard said that was where all of the emotion came from on the show. Howard said he knew he had some emotion but he had no idea why. Jerry said it was no one’s concern if you think about it. Jerry said if it’s your daughter then you’re going to be emotional anyway.

Jerry told Howard that he got on Dancing with the Stars and it was the first time people had seen him as himself. He said that there’s always a role to play on TV and he was being himself on this show. Jerry said that people are very nice to him but they don’t really know him. They say they love him but they really don’t know him. He said people can say bad stuff about him and it doesn’t bother him because he knows they don’t know him.

Howard asked Jerry if his show moved to Connecticut for tax reasons. He said they did. He said NBC moved a bunch of shows up there for that reason. Howard asked about how many shows he shoots. Jerry said they do 3 shows on Monday and 2 on Tuesday. Howard asked how he does the shows and if the producers do all of the work. Jerry said he comes out and makes the jokes on the show. He said that he is comfortable in front of the camera and that’s his talent. He said it’s really not difficult. Robin said no everyone can do what he does. She said he does have a talent.

Howard asked Jerry if he used to walk around with a superman outfit under his clothes. Jerry said he would do that. He said it wasn’t every day but he did it during school. Howard said he must have gotten beaten up a lot. Jerry said that he had his share.

Jerry told Howard about a guy who went to school with him. He saw him at a reunion one year and he realized that he was finally taller than this guy who was much taller than him in school. Jerry said he loved it that he was taller than him and he stood next to him the whole night.

Howard took a call from a guy who said his friend died of Leukemia just 4 months after meeting Jerry and getting an autograph from him. Howard said that Jerry was nice to this kid. Howard jokingly said he saw Jerry kick a kid in the face once. Howard said that was very nice of Jerry to do that.

Another caller asked Jerry about being a political aid for Bobby Kennedy. Jerry said that was true. Howard said he was a big fan of Bobby’s. Jerry said he was too. Howard said that assassination was so mind blowing to him. He said he had such a dark vision of the world after that. Jerry said that he still thinks that all of the heroes in our lives are there in your teens and 20s and that’s what Bobby was to him. He said he felt that he was in it for all the right reasons. Jerry said that Bobby was really into the job. Howard said the guy was inspiring. Jerry said he thinks that he could have become President. Jerry thinks he would have beaten Nixon.

Howard said that they’d have a whole different universe if he hadn’t been killed. Jerry said that he only met Bobby twice. He said heat most of the kids were for McCarthy and he was trying to get people to switch over. Jerry said that was his first paid job after law school.

Howard took a call from a guy who said he’d much rather see Jerry than that cunt Dr. Laura. He said that cunt needs to get off the air. Howard asked Jerry if he could do a show like that. Jerry said he’s not qualified to give advice. Jerry said he thinks that his perspective would be different than Dr. Laura’s. Howard said he was kind of upset about the use of the C-word today.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that Howard should give him a job on one of his channels. Jerry said he did a radio show for 2 years on Air America. He said that they carried the show for 2 years and he loved it.

Howard asked why liberal radio shows don’t last. Jerry said that he thinks it’s because the liberals won. He explained that to Howard and why he thinks that the shows don’t last.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked Jerry when he started sounding so effeminate. Jerry said he’s never sounded macho. Howard said that he might see him in a bar and try to pick him up.

Howard asked Jerry if he watches porn at all. Jerry said he’s afraid. Howard said he likes this YouPorn thing. Jerry said that he’s afraid of big government and what they can find out about you. He said that he thinks that someone is listening at all times. He said that might be a product of history. Howard said he’s been watching baby sitter porn.

Howard asked Jerry how often he has sex. Jerry said he does fine. Howard asked if he takes Viagra. Jerry said that’s personal. Howard said that it must get him rock hard like a 12 year old. Jerry said he can imagine being friendly with Howard and he’s guessing that there are people he doesn’t know who are listening to the show that don’t need to know this information.

Jeff the Drunk called in and said that he loves Jerry’s show. Robin said that didn’t surprise her. Jeff said he’s never missed an episode and he watches it every day.

Howard took another call from a guy who said in the 90s Jerry had this guy August Christ on his show. The caller said he married one of the guy’s daughter’s. Howard said that’s some accomplishment. The guy alleged that the guy molested his daughters so Howard had to cut him off there and say they don’t know what really happened there.

Howard gave Jerry some plugs for his TV shows and wrapped up with him. Howard said that he came clean on the Viagra thing. Jerry said he can’t wait to get home to hear it from his wife about that. Robin asked if he would like to take Regis’ job. Jerry said that he’s sure they won’t replace an old guy with him. He said they’re going to go with someone young. Jerry said it’s sad because he’s one of the oldest broadcasters out there and he’s really good. They went to break a short time later.