Has Steve Langford quit the Stern Show?

(Updated) Yes, its official Langford has quit working for SIRIUS Satellite Radio and “is starting a new job and life adventure” in terrestrial radio. 🙁

Lisa G mentions that the Howard 100 News team is short staffed while arguing with Ronnie the Limo Driver this morning:

Artie Lange on Joe Buck Live again tomorrow night


Howard had Steve Langford come in with his news preview. Steve said that Joe Buck is now saying that he didn’t think what Artie did on his show was that bad and he wouldn’t take any of it back. Joe’s show returns live tomorrow night. Artie said that he might want to watch the show tomorrow night. He said he’s not saying that he’s having him back on but if you’re a fan of the show, you might want to tune in.

Benjy is 42


Steve Langford wished Benjy a happy 42nd birthday, but Benjy again insisted Steve had bad information: “He’s got the birth date incorrect.” Steve laughed that he had a “legal document” as proof as well as confirmation from Benjy’s high school that he graduated in 1985: “We got this one nailed. Plain and simple.” Benjy claimed his birthday was actually September 24th, 1971, but refused to swear on his parent’s life: “I said six months ago I would not swear on my parents’ life anymore.”

Robin sky diving

Steve Langford reported that Robin would soon be going skydiving, so Howard insisted she be accompanied by a HowardTV film crew. Robin refused: “I wanted the jump for me!” Howard thought the skydiving company might be a little more careful if a camera crew was around: “I can’t imagine wanting to do that.” Robin laughed she was just trying to overcome her fears: “I don’t want to do it. I imagine they’ll have to push me out of the plane.”