Steve-O’s Stunt

Steve-O from MTV’s “Jackass” TV show came in to do a wacky stunt for Howard. Steve is one of the featured performers on the insane stunt show “Jackass” and he’s got a new uncensored video called “Don’t Try This At Home.”

Howard watched some of the video and said that Steve-O might just be crazy. At one point Steve O has his hair set on fire with gasoline and burned his face. He also has Roman candles shot at his ass and darts thrown at his ass. Howard said it was great.

Steve O also craps in a car and throws the crap at another car while they’re driving. Steve said his favorite stunt was when he shot up a few shots of vodka through an IV. He said he got pretty wasted when he did that. He said he was actually able to find a registered nurse to give him the IV.

Steve O said that his original goal was to become a stunt man. He went to a clown school and started doing these crazy stunts when he was about 15 years old. He said he can get chicks now that he’s been on “Jackass.”

Stern said Steve staples his nut sack to his leg in the video. Steve told Howard he started out doing it with an office stapler and moved up to the one he uses in the video.

Stern read through some of the other crazy stunts Steve has done in his ”career.” They were all pretty disturbing… and he was going to do one for Howard today. He had 5 goldfish that he was going to swallow and vomit back up into a fish bowl. Stern wasn’t sure if he could watch it though. He told Steve that he didn’t want him to do all 5 at once because he didn’t want him passing out or something. Steve O went ahead and swallowed all 5 fish. Before he came in he guzzled a bunch of water.

He drank more and then tried to make himself puke. Howard was laughing hysterically as Steve O gagged and puked the fish up. He managed to get three out alive before ”orange juice” started coming out. Howard made him stop after the three came out. The fourth fish was dismembered. Steve ran out of water so he finally stopped.

Howard said Steve brought his girlfriend Dee with him and she might be kind of dumb. Gary was asking her some questions out in the green room and she couldn’t answer them. Howard had her come in and spent a few minutes talking to her.

Howard asked her what she does for a living and she just said she ”makes people happy.” Howard asked her a few questions to find out how dopey she really was. She knew that there are 365 days in a year but she didn’t know that one pound of silicone weighs as much as one pound of saline. She was able to spell ”receive” but didn’t know what KKK stood for. She also thought the Eiffel Tower is in Central Park. Dee stripped down real quick for Howard and he said she’s really hot.

Howard was starting to wrap up the interview when Steve pulled out his staple gun and got ready to staple his nut sack to his leg. Howard told him not to do it but Dee got the staple gun and stapled his sack to his leg. Howard sounded really freaked out by the sight of it. Artie Lange said he’d never seen Howard react like that. Steve then pulled the staple out. KC said there was blood on the staple.

Howard spent a couple more minutes with the 2 of them and took some phone calls for them. A couple of people thought it sounded great on the radio and said they can’t wait for it to be on E!. Steve O said they’re shooting “Jackass the Movie” soon and hopes that will help make him some cash.

Howard plugged Steve O’s web site again as he wrapped up the interview. Steve said that you not only get the ”Don’t Try This At Home” video but you get the ‘”Career Ender” film which features even more insane stunts that might just end his career.