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Thursday's Show (20-08-09)

  • Today’s Guest Previews. 08/20/09. 6:00am
  • Out-Produce Gary Contest Not Showing Promise Yet. 08/20/09. 6:10am
  • Howard’s Temporary Move, Mike Gange’s Facebook Posts. 08/20/09. 6:15am
  • Dr. Keith Ablow Calls In. 08/20/09. 6:25am
  • Obama’s Health Care Plan Discussions. 08/20/09. 6:35am
  • America’s Worst Laugh. 08/20/09. 6:40am
  • What Was Jasmine Fiore’s Connection To The Stern Show? 08/20/09. 6:45am
  • Jimi Hendrix – Star Trek Fan? 08/20/09. 6:50am
  • Shawn King And Damon Elliott Visit. 08/20/09. 7:00am
  • Don Hewitt’s Death Discussed. 08/20/09. 7:40am
  • Porn Star AJ Bailey Gets Tickled. 08/20/09. 7:50am
  • Artie Maintaining His Weight With Klondike Bars. 08/20/09. 8:25am
  • Jay Leno Show Press Releases. 08/20/09. 8:30am
  • Voice Mail And News Stories. 08/20/09. 8:35am
  • Rob Zombie And Sheri Moon Visit. 08/20/09. 8:40am
  • Wendy The Retard Horror Game With Special Guest Big Foot. 08/20/09. 9:20am
  • Howard’s Niece Pam And Friends Visit. 08/20/09. 9:35am
  • Mike Walker’s Gossip Game. 08/20/09. 9:45am
  • Howard 100 News, Wrap Up Show And Superfan Roundtable Previews. 08/20/09. 9:50am
  • Robin’s News. 08/20/09. 10:00am
  • Benjy Freaks Out About The Herpes Jokes Again. 08/20/09. 10:05am
  • More News With Robin. 08/20/09. 10:15am
  • Wrap Up Show – Shawn King And Damon Elliott Discussions. 08/20/09. 10:50am
  • Wrap Up Show – Benjy Just Won’t Let It Go. 08/20/09. 11:10am
  • Wrap Up Show – AJ Bailey Discussions. 08/20/09. 11:15am
  • Wrap Up Show – Mike Gange’s Facebook Posts. 08/20/09. 11:25am
  • Wrap Up Show – Rob And Sheri Zombie Discussions. 08/20/09. 11:40am
  • Wrap Up Show – Ralph’s Busy Schedule And More. 08/20/09. 11:50am