Ronnie’s Superman Tattoo (SCORESMAN got a Tattoo)

Ronnie has a history of poor ink choices: His shark that’s peppered with the moles that cover his body, his “panther” that looks like a salamander, and now his new statement: the New Superman logo on his arm.

Ronnie Superman TattooRonnie is well known as a massive fanatic of the comic book hero Superman. Oh wait, no he isn’t. He knows little to nothing about the guy.

So why did he get a reminder of him permanently inked on his body? Because he liked the logo.

It’s also a very, very subtle way to display his girlfriend’s initials – which are S. C. – because if you get a jewelers loupe and you’re under halogen lights, you can see a tiny “c” incorporated into the logo.

Howard still wholeheartedly approved of the Batman logo he’d shaved into his mustache, but not the Superman logo he’d inked into his arm.