They Call Me Baba Booey on Nerdist

Gary Dell’Abate aka Baba Booey aka Techno Beaver, producer of the Howard Stern Show shares his tech knowledge as he explores some of the latest products and services on his new show They Call Me Baba Booey.

What is They Call Me Baba Booey?

Gary Dell’Abate: The thing that Peter and I came up with is that I could pretty much talk about whatever I want within reason, as long as it’s always anchored in tech. So it will always start out talking about a gadget or some kind of technology. And then from there I can talk about a book, a movie, about CDs, about what I’m watching.

It’s going to be more about how people are applying technology every day. My show is not going to be the cutting-edge, here’s the newest/latest/greatest – although sometimes it will be – but it’s really geared towards people who are technologically stunted.

I don’t wanna be Howard, but there are things that are very interesting to me that are not interesting to the show, and I thought to myself, Well, I can do that! I can talk about that stuff.