Tracy Morgan Back In The Studio

Tracy Morgan Stern 2016Tracy Morgan had that horrible car accident in 2015. Few people expected Tracy Morgan to be able to recover from it let alone make a return to comedy and the Howard Stern Show. Tracy talked about the physical and mental issues he dealt with after the crash, loss of his friend and the support he has received from fans.

Tracy has been on the Stern a number of times over the yaars. He is as funny as ever but there is a sense that the accident changed him as a person. He talked about the loss of his friend who was killed in the accident and the gratitude for the support his fans showed.

Right after the accident the prognosis for Tracy did not seem too positive. It is incredible that he has been able to recover so quickly. The Howard Stern show never posts full length interviews, this time they made an exception, they wanted fans to be able to hear all of what Tracy had to say.

George Takei responds to Tracy Morgan’s gay jokes

George Takei is disappointed, to say the least, with his Howard Stern Show alumni Tracy Morgan. 30 Rock star, Tracy, made some distasteful “jokes” about killing his son if his son were gay, in Nashville, TN at a stand-up performance. He also said being homosexual is a choice and women only pretend to be lesbians because they are angry with men at the time.

In a Twitter response to Morgan, George posted, “In stand-up rant, Tracy Morgan threatened to kill his son if he were gay. I suspect his dad is next for naming him Tracy.” Also, George told The Wrap, “…he’s a sad, strange man. He’s…been subjected to bigotry and hate before…he must be an insecure guy.”

In addition to George Takei, Tray has been castigated by NBC execs and co-star Tina Fay for the distasteful and hurtful “jokes.” Tracy has since made a Twitter apology for his actions.