Robin Quivers New Book Vegucation of Robin

Robin Quivers, who is 60 has credited her vegan diet, a choice she made back in 2007, with helping her lose more than 70 pounds in just 6 months.

The Vegucation of RobinFrom the books synopsis it’s clear Robin is looking to inspire people and lead them to try the vegan lifestyle.

“On her sometimes rocky, though endearingly hysterical, path to newfound health, Quivers discovered the power of the produce aisle in changing her body and her mindset,” the synopsis reads.

“By filling up on soul-quenching, cell-loving vegetables instead of damaging animal products and processed foods, Quivers left behind the injuries, aches, and pains that had plagued her for twenty years. Charting her inspiring road to wellness, ‘The Vegucation of Robin’ describes her transformation inside and out, and, including ninety of her favorite vegan recipes, she encourages readers to join her in putting their health first.”

In addition to more than 90 recipes, plenty of jokes, Vegucation of Robin will also include a forward by long-time Howard Stern Show regular Russell Simmons. The Vegucation of Robin: How Real Food Saved My Life will be released on March 26.

Robin Quivers writing new book on becoming vegan

Robin Quivers doesn’t kid around — not too much — when it comes to her diet.

Howard Stern’s longtime sidekick is working on a new book about her struggles with her weight and health and her decision to eat vegan.

Avery, an imprint of Penguin Group (USA), announced Wednesday that the memoir The Vegucation of Robin will be published at the end of the year. The book will feature jokes and stories, along with 75 recipes for a healthy life.

Quivers says in a statement that since giving up animal products in 2007, she has “learned that the world of vegetables is a vast one” and far more interesting than a dish of boiled broccoli. She has written a previous memoir, “Quivers,” published in 1995.

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