Whats going on at Sirius?

Howard Stern brought his legal battle with Sirius XM to the airwaves Tuesday morning, trashing the satellite radio company’s executives during the Howard Stern Show for what he believes is a breach of his 2006 contract.

News that Howard Stern’s production company and agent Don Buchwald were suing Sirius XM broke in March 2011, just three months after Stern renewed his contract through 2015.

Stern’s lawyers claim he was bilked out of millions in performance related stock options. The battle comes down to whether or not Stern should receive any credit for the 10 million subscribers Sirus picked up when they acquired their rival XM in 2008.

“Everybody forgets what the f**k was going on around here when I signed on,” seethed Stern Tuesday. “Sirius Radio, by the way, was just about going out of business. I sat down with these guys and I said to them: ‘Look—if I leave terrestrial radio and come to Sirius, I’m gonna bust my balls for you. I’m gonna make s**t happen…I guarantee you guys acquire XM radio. Forget merge—that’s a horses**t f***ing term—ACQUIRE XM radio….But people have a short memory. Everybody’s got a short memory about what went on here…And now that times are good and they’ve reached ‘it,’ everybody wants to f***ing forget what they owe—and WHO they owe…There wouldn’t be a Sirius if I wasn’t here. It wouldn’t be here. This way a Hail Mary pass, hiring me.”

“The war is coming,” warned Stern. “It isn’t over yet. The internet is coming to the car! There’s one thing that separates this company from these other companies that offer music for free—ME!”