Tanning Mom aka Tan Mom in Studio with Howard Stern (Video Interview)

Tanning MomNew Jersey resident Patricia Krentcil also known as Tanning Mom, said she is not interested in the media coverage surrounding child endangerment allegations and is making a name with a self-tanning product and autobiography.

The overly tanned New Jersey mother was accused of causing skin burns to her six-year-old daughter by taking her into a tanning booth, has reportedly been banned from at least 63 tanning salons in the New York metropolitan area.

The New York Post claims that some salons have taken extra steps in preventing the woman from accessing their business by placing “wanted” posters behind their counters informing employees to keep her off the premises.

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  1. I think that guy is NOT Patricia Krentcil’s husband and that this is all a scam to get they’re 15 minutes of fame.He didn’t seem to be connected to her at all and..’of course’..he(at least)is of the jewish persuasion,so d’ya see what I’m saying?Still yet another jew to take full advantage.


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