Kari Ann Peniche gets in the Tickle Chair

Former Miss United States Teen Kari Ann Peniche Gets Tickled. 10/15/04.

Howard brought in Keri Ann Peniche who came in to promote her issue of Playboy magazine. She was a former Miss United States Teen and she looked really good to Howard. Howard liked her skin color and said that it’s like a permanent tan on her because she’s Portuguese and Spanish. She told Howard that she’s surprised that the Miss United States Teen people didn’t want her to appear in Playboy. She said she couldn’t be in pageants forever so she had to move on to other things.

Howard said that most Miss America’s you never remember. The only other one he could think of was Vanessa Williams.
Keri’s face was perfect according to Howard. Artie told her that if she really wanted to piss off the Miss United States Teen people, she should get naked in there. Howard said that he and the guys were talking about her breasts and he thinks they’re implants. Other guys thought that they were just young, 20 year old, boobs. Howard was right though. She has implants but she thinks they’re very good.

Howard wanted Keri to put on her Miss United States Teen crown but she’s technically not allowed to wear it. She said that Howard could put it on though so he tried it on for size. Robin thought it looked pretty good on him. Keri doesn’t have a boyfriend right now. Howard wondered if she had sex with Hef when she was at the Playboy mansion. She said she doesn’t live there and wouldn’t know about that. She’s not a virgin but she hasn’t been having sex for long. She was telling them about how most of the stuff that’s happened to her happened when she was 18 years old.

Howard tried to find out who Keri gave her virginity to. She said it was someone in her home town. Howard wanted to know if anything bad has ever happened to her. He figured that she’s so good looking that nothing bad could ever happen. She said that all of the guys she dates tend to cheat on her so bad things do happen. Howard asked her about how many guys she’s been with in her life. She said that it’s only been four guys.

Howard noticed that in some of the pictures in Playboy, Keri appears to have hair and in others, there is no hair. She said that they should all be the same because she didn’t shave or anything. Howard showed her the pictures and she thought it was just the lighting. Howard told her that she’s much better looking than Brooke Burke who is on the cover of Playboy. Howard said she’s getting a little long in the tooth for his taste.

Howard had some audio clips of Deion Sanders asking some questions at a beauty pageant years ago. He played some of those for Keri to answer but it didn’t last for long. Howard only played two of the questions before bailing out on it. Deion asked:

What do you find most mind boggling about the opposite sex? – That they forget to put the toilet seat down.
Would you rather have a strong president with weak morals or a weak president with strong morals? – No one knew what he was talking about.
Howard asked Keri about how the photo shoot went and if she was uncomfortable when she did the shoot. She said that it was just fine but kind of weird because people wouldn’t look at her. She said she would have been more comfortable if people had spoken to her when she was naked. She said after a couple of days she was comfortable on the set and didn’t even ask for her robe back after pictures. Howard wondered how old a guy she’s been with. She said she has been with a guy in his 30s. She also told Howard that she doesn’t like six pack abs so Howard told her he was the guy for her.

A phone caller asked Keri if she would be willing to get in a bikini and get tickled. She said she can’t get tickled because she pees whenever she gets tickled. Howard thought that would be great so they tried to get her into a bikini. She didn’t wanted to get into one so the guys kept on her and told her that people like Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon have gotten into the tickle chair. Keri said that she couldn’t be strapped in if she got in the chair. Howard told her to just go over and get into the chair but she refused. Yucko the Clown called in and said ”Two words… TICKLE CHAIR!” She wasn’t going for it though. Another phone caller said she sounds like the woman who does the Sexy Voices sex tapes.

Howard asked Keri how much she weighed. She said that she’s 105 pounds and is 5’4” tall. He started to wrap up the interview after that. Jeff the Drunk called in and told Howard to get that bitch out of the studio since she wasn’t getting into the chair. Howard said that wasn’t very nice and hung up on him a short time later. Artie wanted to see the issue of Playboy since he hadn’t seen the pictures yet. Ralph called in and said that Howard couldn’t let her leave without tickling her. He said that he should let her sit in his lap or something to tickle her. Howard asked her if he could tickle her without strapping her into the chair.

She thought about it but didn’t want to wear a bikini either. Gary came up with some money for her to try and help things along. He only had $500 though. Howard told her that they’d give her plenty of plugs for the magazine and for her upcoming movie. Keri was almost ready to give in but then backed out. Howard wanted her in a bikini, unstrapped. She turned it down. Gary came in and said that if she put on the bikini, got strapped in and let them tickle her, they’d give her $1000. He told her how they’d be plugging stuff like crazy for her and Howard would stop if she wanted. Keri said she would get into a bikini and tickle Howard in the chair. They didn’t want to do that either.

Howard told Keri that she’d be a legend if she got in the bikini and let them tickle her. Gary said that the audience will know and remember her forever if she does this. Keri saw the school girl outfit they had and she knows that someone already wore that one. They almost had her convinced to do it but she backed out once again. Jason came in and said that if she does get in the tickle chair, they are authorized to put her on the front page of HowardStern.com. She finally agreed to let them tickle for 30 seconds. She let Howard pick the bathing suit. She couldn’t believe that she agreed to do this either. Howard thought they were doomed and he was going to let her leave. Ralph saved the interview. Keri went into the bathroom and changed into her bikini. She came out a short time later in a yellow bikini. Howard asked Gary to put on his bee keeper’s mask to keep his face covered up during the segment. He said that it was the last time he was going to wear it.

Howard said Keri had some body on her. He went over to the tickle chair while they strapped her in. Howard and Artie told her that this was going to be a great show. She had nice feet according to Howard. He liked the belly button jewelry she was wearing and the bikini looked good on her. He said her B-cup sized breasts looked very nice as well. He had Gary keep time (so they could stretch the 30 seconds out). Howard hadn’t even touched her yet and she started to squeal and giggle. Howard told her she could plug away while he tickles her.

He then started to tickle her and she wasn’t even able to speak because she was laughing so hard. Howard stopped about 8 seconds in and gave her a rest. She wasn’t able to speak at all. They asked her if she wanted a drink of water but she’s seen the show and told Gary not to spill it on her like he’s done before. He managed to spill it on her though. Howard had 15 seconds left to tickle her so he went in again. He didn’t touch her, he just moved in close and she started to laugh. Howard let her go a short time later.

He told her that she’d never be Miss United States Teen again after that. They wanted her to put her crown on after doing that. She didn’t put it on herself though, they put it on for her. Howard gave her $1000 courtesy of Bally Total Fitness for putting up with that stuff. Robin told her that what they didn’t tell her is that they never let people out of the tickle chair. Howard had them let her go a few seconds later. Gary asked her to spin around to let the guys see how stunning she was. Howard gave her a ”Wow!” when she did that. He thanked her for coming in and went to break after that.

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