Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant (Video Coming Soon)

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant – Jamie Jungers. 03/10/10. 8:15am
After the break Howard came right back and got into the Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant. Howard said that they have $100,000 from AshleyMadison.com to give away to the three women. Howard said the winner will be getting $75,000, second place gets $15,000 and third gets $10,000.

Noel Biderman from AshleyMadison.com was there to judge. Howard asked Noel about how the business is going. Noel said things are good. Howard asked if Tiger would have gotten caught if he had used AshleyMadison.com. Noel said that they delete all history if people don’t want to be caught. He said that they can help people cheat and not get caught. He said that no one has access to anything you do on the site other than yourself.

Noel said that he’s going to be judging the girls on the stories they tell and he’s going to ask if they had more than one affair. He said he wants to know if they do this as a regular thing.

Howard had Fred hit the intro for the pageant and got right into it. Fred did that and the announcer introduced Howard Stern as the host. Howard said he loves beauty pageants and he loves being in a Tuxedo. He sang a little bit and made up a song as he went along. Howard turned on the Autotune for a few seconds at the end of the song.

Howard said that Robin and Fred were wearing beautiful gowns for the pageant. Howard said the first contestant, Jamie Jungers come in. They had the announcer introduce her. They had some details about her but Howard didn’t hear how old she was. Jamie said that she’s 27 years old. Howard told Fred to turn the awful music off that he had playing. Howard found out that Jamie is 5’7” tall and weighs 105 pounds. Howard said she had a bikini on but it looked like lingerie. She said it was a bikini.

Howard asked Jamie if she thought that she was going to have just a one nighter with Tiger. She said she did. Jamie said she was working at the Bellagio at the time and she dos different events there. She said that she was doing a pro-bowl event that day. She said she got a lot of attention from the guys there at the time. Howard said one night Tiger showed up to the event and he paid attention to her. Jamie said that was the case. She said that Tiger actually sent someone over to her to talk to her. Howard said that’s the move to make when you’re famous.

Jamie said she was a VIP host there and Tiger was there just partying. He wasn’t part of the event she was hosting. Howard asked if she ever takes a deep breath and wonders about what people think of her and if she’s upset that they think she’s a hooker or something. Jamie said that she never did anything like that.

Gary asked why she went for Tiger and no one else. Jamie said she has gone on dates with other celebrities but she didn’t want to say who they were. Howard asked if Tiger was attracted to her or was it that he was Tiger Woods. She said she was attracted to him. She said that she had just gotten out of a 6 year relationship at the time and she was only 21 years old. Jamie said she had a crush on Tiger too so she jumped on the opportunity.

Robin said that Tiger must not have been faithful at all in his marriage. He was only married for a couple of months when he was with Jamie. Jamie said she asked tiger how things were with the wife when she was with him and Tiger just said ”Good.” Jamie said she hoped that he would open up with her more. She said that he did tell her that she was home in Switzerland a lot.

Howard asked Jamie if she knew that there were other women other than her. Jamie said she didn’t think she was the only one. She said that if he was with her and his wife then there could be other women. Jamie wasn’t sure if he was doing that though.

Howard asked if she did it with him on the first night. Jamie said she did but that’s not typical with her. She said she had a crush on him and she had just broken up. She said she was also drunk. Howard asked if Tiger asked her to go back to his room. She said that he took her to a mansion they have at the MGM out in Las Vegas. She said that it was usually just her with Tiger and his friends when they’d go back there. Howard asked how long it took to get into that. Jamie said it was just a short time. She said that Tiger led her to his room and that was it.

Howard asked if Tiger is as big as they say he is. Jamie said that he is pretty big. She said she wasn’t frightened of it or anything. Howard asked if she was thinking that it might hurt. She said she had been drinking so she didn’t think about that at all.

Howard asked if they did it quick or was it drawn out. Jamie said it was pretty quick the first night. They’d have some rough sex too. She said the more they hung out the more they got to know each other and things slowed down. Howard said he’d like to know what rough sex is. She said that he’d throw her up against the wall and things like that. Howard said he’s known for gentle sex. Jamie said that’s what she prefers.

Howard asked if the sex would go on all night. Jamie said it would go on for a while. She said that he didn’t use condoms with her either. Howard said that she was wild back then. Jamie said she did a lot of dumb things back then. She said that he would pull out and cum on her chest. Howard said he’s heard that he’s kind of kinky. He asked Jamie is that’s true. She said she never experienced that with him.

Howard asked Jamie if she misses Tiger. She said that she does. She was in love with him and she does miss him. Robin asked what he was texting her in the texts he’d send. She said that he’d call her his ”little coffee cup” and things like that. She wasn’t even sure what that meant. Jamie said that he’d call her ”Jamie juices” too. She said he called her that because she was wet.

Howard asked Jamie if she thinks that Tiger is a sex addict. She said that he might need help. She said that him getting into these relationships with women that he wasn’t married to was weird. She said that something isn’t right mentally. Howard asked Jamie if she would go back to him now. Jamie said no. She said that it has had an effect on her personal life. She said her father is taking a lot of crap at work over it. Jamie said her mother told her all along that she should tell everyone what was going on but she thought it was her personal business.

Howard said he heard that Tiger may have paid off a lot of the women. Jamie said she doesn’t believe it. Jamie said her ex is the one who came out and told her story to the tabloids. She said she was waiting to see what was going to happen and she didn’t want to talk about it. Jamie said she came out to tell what was right and what was wrong about her ex’s story. Jamie said that the ex is the one who wasn’t telling the truth about when it happened. She said he claimed that Tiger was the one who broke them up but they were already broken up.

Robin asked if she ever asked Tiger for money. Jamie said that she didn’t until near the end of the relationship. She said she needed some help to get out of this situation she was in and she asked if he could help her out a little bit. Jamie said she hadn’t asked for anything before that. Tiger told her he couldn’t help and that was when it ended.

Howard asked if Tiger ever took her out in public. Jamie said that he did and there were people who would take her picture with him and she’s surprised that the story never broke before it did. Jamie said that she thinks that Tiger should have apologized to all of the mistresses when he made his speech to his wife and family recently. She said that he hurt them too.

Jamie said that Tiger would arrange for them to fly around the country to meet and he’d always fly her coach. Howard said that must have pissed her off. She said that he never really did anything all that extravagant.

Howard said that Jamie is one hot piece of ass. Robin asked how it all came to an end. Jamie said that conversation about helping out is what led to the end. She said that she felt he didn’t care about her and told him she was wasting her time. Howard asked if she thinks that it will last with him and his wife. Jamie said that’s hard when they have kids. She said that he has something mentally wrong with him and he’d have to fix that.

Howard asked if Tiger is like 9 inches long. She said it is probably about that big. She said that he tried to do anal on her and she told him no. Jamie said that she has tried anal before and it’s not her thing.

Fred asked Jamie about being there when Tiger’s father died. Jamie said that he had flown her in that evening and he got a call that night from his mother. He called his mom and he came back in and said that his dad isn’t doing very well. Jamie said that he came back after going to the hospital and he was doing okay. She said they went to bed and had sex and around 2 or 3 in the morning they got the call from his mom saying his father had died. She said that he had a blank look on his face and she could tell he was broken up. Jamie said she wasn’t sure what to say to him. She said she was sorry to hear that and told his friend to get her a flight out of there. Jamie told him to take his time and get over the whole thing. Howard said she’s very considerate. He said she was really nice to the guy.

Gary asked Jamie if Tiger ignored his mother’s calls a lot. She said that he didn’t as far as she knows. Howard asked if he would register in the hotel as Tiger Woods. She said she’s pretty sure he did. Howard said it’s almost like he wanted to get caught.

Howard asked Jamie if she sings at all. She said she doesn’t at all. Howard said that he wanted to get the girls into a band together.

Howard said Jamie was an awesome girl and that was great for the first contestant. Gary said she set the bar for the rest.

Howard mentioned that the prize money is coming from AshleyMadison.com. He said that Noel seemed to be deep in thought there. Noel said it was going to be tough to judge today.

Howard asked Jamie if she did a lot of stuff for Tiger that she didn’t do with other guys. She said that they would have sex several times a night. Howard said he must have an incredible appetite. She said he really does. Jamie was also saying that she did orgasm with him.

Howard found out that Tiger didn’t do a lot of oral on her. Jamie said that was fine with her because that was more of an intimate thing with her and they didn’t do it until toward the end.

Jamie said that she’s going to be doing some modeling and acting and she hopes that her name isn’t brought up as Tiger’s mistress when she’s mentioned. Jamie said that Tiger once asked her to have another woman in bed and she told him that she would do it if the other woman was his wife. She said that subject never came up again.

Howard said they had to take a break and then they’d bring in Loredana Jolie.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant – Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. 03/10/10. 8:55am
After the break Howard came right back and said that they were going to get to the second contestant, Loredana Jolie Ferriolo. They had a clip of the announcer talking about some of the stuff she did with Tiger. Howard said that Loredana had quite a bod on her. He asked if it was weird for the girls to see each other there. Loredana said it wasn’t that odd. Howard asked if her boobs were real or fake. She said they were real expensive.

Howard asked Loredana what it was like to have this stardom all of a sudden. Loredana said it’s been confusing. She said it’s embarrassing too. She said that there are people who look at you like a whore but there are others who say ”good for you.” She said that she hasn’t had anyone come up to her and call her names to her face though. She said she has seen people commenting about her being a home wrecker in the tabloids and stuff.

Loredana said that she went out with Tiger for two years or so. She said she met him at a night club. Howard asked if she was with some matchmaking company when she met. Loredana said she met Tiger through that service. Howard asked how much it cost to get matched up with her. She said it was $15,000. Howard said she’s different than Jamie because she was paid to meet Tiger. Howard asked if they say with a wink ”hey, lets have sex together.” Loredana said that it’s all up to her. She gets paid no matter what. She said that she thinks that they take a good portion of that money but she see’s a lot of it. Howard asked if she’s still doing that. She said she got out of it because it was getting annoying and scary.

Howard asked if she jumped into bed with Tiger on the first night. Loredana said she gave him a hard time and he kept chasing her. She said that he used the bodyguard to come over to her to talk to her. Howard said he would always go up to people and talk to them himself. He said that he should have used a bodyguard.

Howard asked Loredana why she gave Tiger a hard time. She said that she just wanted to play the game. Howard said that they must have overlapped with her and Jamie. She said that tiger used condoms with her. She said that they may have overlapped. Jamie said that she should have insisted on the condom thing too.

Howard asked Loredana if she was impressed with Tiger’s penis size. She said that it was impressive. She said she bragged to her friends about it. Howard asked how she bragged. She said she would just talk about him having the biggest penis. Howard asked if size matters. Loredana thought for a second and said ”no.”

Howard asked if she was in love with Tiger. She said she wasn’t. She also said that she got gifts from him, unlike Jamie. Howard said that Jamie wasn’t even able to get help when she asked for it. Howard said this is crazy.

Loredana said she didn’t know that Tiger was seeing anyone else but she assumed he was. She said he was cheating on his wife she figured he would cheat on her. Loredana said that once you’re a cheater, you’re always a cheater.

Howard asked Loredana about how much of a freak Tiger was with her. She said that he would do some role playing stuff with her and they could go 3 times a night. Loredana said that she waited until the third date before she was with him though.

Howard asked how quickly Tiger would finish with her. Loredana said that he was very fast the first time of the night. Howard said he understands that. He said he would cum in a second with her and with Jamie… and just about anyone else.

Howard asked Loredana if Tiger liked BJs from her. She said that he did. She said he never came in her face. He would pull out and not cum in her mouth. Robin asked where he would finish. She said he would do it on her chest or somewhere else.

Loredana said Tiger would bring other women into bed too. She said that he would bring women from other countries into bed. Howard asked for more details on that. Loredana said that Tiger would be in a business suit and he wouldn’t bang the other girls in front of her. She said that he’d wear the whole suit with the tie and all. Then the girls would get it on in front of him and he liked the whole show.

Howard asked if he would talk through the show. She said that he would tell them what to do and he would beat off during it too.

Howard asked about the thickness of Tiger’s penis and found out it was pretty thick too. Howard said that he’s not thick or long. Loredana said that size really doesn’t matter though.

Howard asked how it all ended. Loredana said that they just went their own way. She said that he used to text her and ask where she was and stuff. Robin asked if he would fly her out coach and stuff. She said the matchmaking company would take care of all of that so it was different every time.

Howard asked if Tiger spent over $200,000 just on her alone. She said that the $15,000 was just one time. She said that it probably wasn’t 200,000. Noel said that he’s in the wrong business if they were getting $15,000 to set people up.

Howard asked if people are after her to interview her. Loredana said she’s writing a book and she has more stories about dating guys like Bruce Willis. She said she met him when she was in a Hawaiian Tropic pageant. She also says she dated Michael Jordan. He’s another married guy. Loredana said that Tiger beats them all with his penis size. She said that he’s the best in bed too.

Howard asked if Loredana is good in bed. He said she looked very attractive too. Howard said she must not be racist to be with a black guy. She said she’s not.

Howard asked if she was upset with Tiger not apologizing to the mistresses. She said that she has gone through hell over this whole thing so she was kind of upset.

Howard asked if Tiger is circumcised. Both Jamie and Loredana confirmed he is. Howard asked Loredana if she thinks Elin should leave Tiger. She thinks that they should stay together.

Howard said that Tiger seems to be into white women. Loredana said he’s really into blondes. Howard said that you’d think that he’d give it to a sister once in a while.

Howard had Loredana do a spin for the guys. She did that and then Fred asked if she ever found herself doing things sexually with Tiger just because he was Tiger. She said that it wasn’t just for Tiger. Howard asked what kind of kinky stuff she would do. She said the role playing was kinky for her. She said she likes dirty talk too. Loredana said Tiger would have a guy involved in the role playing but he’d never do anything with them. She said he would have the guy doing things to the other women.

Robin asked if tiger would have sex with her in front of other people. She said that he didn’t do that. She said that the other guy was Tiger’s friend and he’d do the girls in front of him. Howard said this is some wild stuff. Jamie said she never had any of the role playing stuff going on.

Howard asked Loredana if she was fully shaved. She said she was. Howard asked if Tiger ever shaved her. She said that didn’t happen.

Howard said he didn’t think that Tiger was that good looking but the girls both said he was attractive. Howard said both of the ladies were lovely women. He said it was going to be a tough decision.

Howard asked Loredana what she would do with the money if she won. She said she didn’t have any plans. Jamie said she’d use the money to move her family to Las Vegas. Howard said he’s not sure that would be the best thing to spend it on.

Howard said that the girls were looking hot today. He said Tiger was really having a party. He said he feels bad for the guy now. Gary said the press were all waiting out in the Fish Bowl in the lobby and listening to the show.

Howard asked the girls if Tiger ever licked ass. Both Jamie and Loredana said no to that. Howard said he would do that for them. Howard asked if Tiger asked them to do it to him. Loredana said that he did ask her to do it but she wasn’t into that. Loredana said she’s not sure why anyone would even want that. Loredana said that Tiger actually pushed her head down there but she refused. She said that he didn’t ask her to do it, he just pushed her head. Howard said that’s a lot to ask of a person. Howard thanked Loredana for speaking to them and moved on to the next contestant.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant – Jaimee Grubbs. 03/10/10. 9:25am
Next up was Jaimee Grubbs. They played her in with a quick announce. She asked to sing because she heard Howard singing earlier. Howard let her sing but the Autotune wasn’t working on her microphone.
Howard asked Jaimee about how she met Tiger and what kind of relationship they had. She told Howard how they met and how she didn’t look at him like she wanted to go out and date him. She said that he was kind of nice but couldn’t dance. She said she didn’t have to work hard to get his attention and she just wanted to hang out with a celebrity that night. She said she didn’t even want to go home with him.

Howard asked Jaimee if she was upset with the whole thing when it broke. She said that she would have thought the same thing if she wasn’t involved and she understands why people were upset.

Howard asked Jaimee how she met Tiger out in Las Vegas. She said that she was asked to come to his table and Tiger told her she didn’t look like she was having any fun. She said she loosened up and had some fun and then at the end of the night they asked her and her friends to come back with them in their limo.

Howard asked Jaimee about how she didn’t know he was married. She said that he didn’t have a wedding ring on that night. It took three days before she got to kiss him. She said she go to go to the mansion at the MGM Grand out there just like Jamie did.

Howard asked what Jaimee about how there’s a rumor that some of the women have been paid off. He asked if she’s upset about him not paying her off. Jaimee said that she’s upset that he never told her anything after he cut her off when his wife found out about everything. She said that Tiger tried calling her on Thanksgiving to ask how she was doing and that wasn’t cool.

Jaimee said that she and Tiger didn’t use condoms together. She said it was one of those heat of the moment things that they just did. She said he would never cum inside of her. She said that he would pull out. Howard asked if he would cum on her face or anything. She said that it was always respectful. She said that they never did any group sex stuff either. Howard asked if he asked to pee on her. She said he never did that either.

Howard asked Jaimee if they did oral on each other. She said that they did everything. Howard asked if he asked to lick her backside. She said they didn’t do that.

Howard asked if Tiger had the biggest penis she’d ever see. She said that he didn’t have the biggest and he envies a 9 iron. Howard asked her to show how big it was with her hand. She said he was very girthy but not all that long. She said he might be bigger than 7 inches. Jaimee said she had orgasms with him too and she wouldn’t have stayed with him if she didn’t.

Howard asked if Tiger was quick in bed. She said that he was pretty fast and he would hold out maybe 5-10 minutes. She said she didn’t go all night with her though. She said she didn’t do anal with him either.

Howard asked if she thought Tiger was going to leave his wife for her. Jaimee said she figured he would eventually. She said that he came after her even after she called it off when she found out he was married.

Howard asked if she went out with Tiger in public. She said that he’d only be out there for a couple of days so they didn’t go out that much. She said that she’s very busy so she didn’t mind just going and hanging out with him. She said she’s a hard working girl and she wasn’t all into going out in public.

Howard asked Jaimee if she was the last mistress to be in touch with Tiger. She said that she thinks that she may have been. Rachel Uchitel may have been another one. Howard said Rachel wanted to be there today but she wasn’t able to due to some kind of settlement she had.

Howard asked Jaimee if she kept all of the texts that Tiger sent. She said she kept them because she’s sentimental. Howard asked if she would get back together with Tiger if he came back to her now. She aid she thinks that she would be friends with him but she wants to know why he did what he did to her. She said that he has to apologize to her because she didn’t know about his wife. She said that he tossed her around like a rag doll.

Howard asked if Jaimee is dating anyone now. She said she is and the guy is upset with her only because she’s on Howard Stern’s show. She said Howard isn’t as bad as she thought he’d be. Howard asked if she had a nickname. She said that Tiger would call her SkinnyFat because she eats like a fat person but stays thin.

Howard asked if Tiger liked BJs from her. Jaimee said she thinks he did and she thinks she’s good at it. Howard had her spin around in her bathing suit for the guys before they got to the judging.

The Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant – And The Winner Is… 03/10/10. 9:40am
Howard moved on to the judging and went over each of the girl’s stories. Jaimee added that her boobs are real too. Jamie Jungers’ were real too. Howard said his face is real too and there’s nothing he can do about that.

Gary said he had a clear thought on who the winner was. He said that Jamie and Jaimee were both thinking they were in love with the guy and Loredana was the only one who got into it knowing it wasn’t a real thing.

Howard asked the girls if they think that he can be cured of his sex addiction. The girls were saying there is something going on there and they’re not sure.

Howard said it was time to get the judges to give their thoughts on all of this. Noel Biderman was there from AshleyMadison.com and they were the sponsors of this whole thing. They were giving the $100,000 in prize money. Howard said that their friends at Steven Singer Jewelers also have a ring for the girls. Gary said the ring is really nice. It has a black diamond in it. The ring is a one of a kind ring.

Robin asked Jaimee if she’s writing any books or anything like that. She said she’s not but she is looking to do some modeling or hosting of a TV show or something.

Howard asked the girls if they had a hard time making the decision to come on the show. Some of the girls said that they were going to pass but then they found out more about the show and decided to do it.

Howard said they have the money, the ring and also a 50 inch TV for the winner. That’s from Beezid.com.

Howard moved on to Gary and asked him what his vote was going to be. Gary said all of the girls had hot bodies. He said that he was surprised at the two Jamie’s stories but he has to go with Jamie Jungers. He said she’s not the person that he thought she was going to be today.

Howard went to Noel Biderman next. He asked Noel what he thinks. Noel said he’s with Gary and he thinks that Jamie was emotional and she had a connection with Tiger. He said that she has his vote too.

Howard said it seems her innocence is swaying the guys. Gary said that it seems she wasn’t out for anything other than liking the guy. Gary said that Jaimee Grubs almost got him too because she was almost near tears. Jaimee said that she didn’t even know that Tiger was married at the time. Noel said that’s what he was holding against her.

Gary asked Jaimee how long she didn’t know he was married. She said it was about a year. Gary said you’d think that she’d figure it out dating the guy for that long. He’s a national figure. Jaimee said Howard is a national figure too and she’s never listened to his radio show. She said she didn’t like golf so she never watched it on TV. She said that she didn’t find out he was married until she told a friend about her dating him.

Howard said that Jamie has gotten two votes but they have 3 more votes. Robin said that she was drawn to the stories of the two Jamie’s. She said that both had incredible stories. She said that she sympathized with Jaimee Grubbs more than the other Jamie. Robin said that she’s giving Jaimee Grubbs a vote.

Howard said that it wasn’t over yet for Loredana. He said she could still get two votes. Howard said that he was sick over this whole thing. He asked the girls if they hated Tiger now. They all said they didn’t hate him.

Howard asked Fred for his vote next. Fred said that while Robin’s argument was compelling, he said that she didn’t know she was a mistress so he can’t vote for her. He said that Loredana would win for the hot factor if that was the only thing they were judging on. He said hat he thinks that a mistress has to have an emotional connection and Jamie had that. Fred said he was giving his vote to Jamie Jungers. Robin said that Jaimee Grubbs kept it going once she found out he was married though. Fred said he was still giving his vote to Jamie.

Howard said this was a no brainer for him. He said all three are beautiful and brave. He applauded all three of them for showing up. Howard said that he felt bad that Loredana didn’t get any votes. He said that she was very smart about the whole thing but she knew what she was getting into. Gary said that she’s got a great ass too. Howard said he thinks that Loredana is saving something for her book.

Howard said he was taken by Jamie Jungers. He said he agrees with Noel about her being a ”true mistress.” he said that Jaimee Grubbs has a doll face and a great body. He said that all of their stories took him but Jamie Jungers’ story did it for him. He said it was very close for him. He said that coming in at third place is Loredana. He said she wins $10,000 and a TV set from Beezid.com. She didn’t have anything to add after that.

Howard said Jaimee Grubbs came in second with $15,000. He asked her what she thought. She said she was kind of bummed about that.

Howard said Jamie looked like she was shaking. Jamie said she was very happy and this was the best thing ever. Howard said she just won $75,000. She just had a birthday yesterday and this was great. She said she can help her family move out to Las Vegas with her now. She said things have been very tough for her lately and this is great.

Howard asked Jamie if she wanted to thank anyone. She thanked God and her family and friends. She thanked her mom and her friend and her little dog Apple as well. Howard said that everyone is leaving with money today. He sang to all three of the girls as Noel came in with the money from AshleyMadison.com. Howard said he was kind of bummed out that Noel was going to be a judge but he’s glad it worked out the way it did.

Howard asked the girls if anyone wanted to stay for the press conference. Loredana and Jamie Jungers were going to stick around Jaimee Grubbs said she had to leave. Howard went to break after that.

Tiger Woods Mistress Beauty Pageant Press Conference. 03/10/10. 10:05am
After the break we heard a prank call that Richard made to a hotel asking for them to check for some wacky names. Fred also played AC/DC ”You Shook Me All Night Long” as they were coming back.
Howard came back and said that they had the press there to talk about the pageant. Howard said they had a lot of press there to talk about this. Howard said he will be releasing video to the press too. He said they will give them a few moments of that to them.

Howard said they had everyone there today from the press. Howard gave a quick speech about what they learned today with the pageant. Howard said they learned about how big Tiger’s penis is and that no anal was done. He said he thinks they were successful with the pageant.

Howard asked if they had any questions. Someone from Access Hollywood asked the girls if they think there will be any backlash from this since Tiger has tired to move on. Jamie said she thinks that all of it has been said already. Jamie said she doesn’t think there will be any. Loredana didn’t think there would be any either.

Steve Langford asked if there were any horror stories they would like to tell about getting the pageant together. Howard turned the mic over to Gary. Gary said he spoke to Rachel Uchitel who said that she can’t say why but she wasn’t able to participate. Gary said that Joslyn James was going to be on it but she and her attorney, Gloria Allred, backed out when they heard that they were going to be interviewed. Gary said that they were told that she had some other things to do and they may have been making a play for more money. He’s not sure if that’s the case but that’s what he thinks may have gone on.

Gary said he also spoke to Cory Rist’s lawyer but he didn’t hear back from him after an initial contact with him. He said that it sounded like he wanted her in it but he stopped all contact with them.

Someone from Extra asked if the girls had anything they’d like to say to Tiger. Loredana said that she’d like an apology from Tiger. Jamie said the same thing and that she thinks that Tiger owes it to them to do that.

Someone from AOL’s Popeater asked the girls who they think came out of this whole thing the best. Loredana said that Rachel Uchitel might be the one. Jamie said she thinks the same thing because Rachel has kept quiet and to herself for the most part.

Someone from TMZ asked if the girls would do this all over again if they could. Jamie said that she didn’t think she would but she’s had a lot of positive things happen so she would do it again. Loredana said ”likewise.”

Another reporter asked the girls if they think Tiger should leave his wife. Jamie said that she thinks that he has to prove in some way that he should be with her but they should try to work it out for the kids. Loredana agreed with her on that.

Howard said he thinks that Elin should change her name to Ellen. He said he thinks that she should leave Tiger because he is a serial cheater. He said that she should run off with Elliot Spitzer since he only cheated once or twice.

Another reporter asked about the mentally unstable comments that Jamie made today and what she thinks the rehab may have done. Jamie said she doesn’t think that he could have changed in that amount of time. She said that it’s going to take much longer to get over that.

The reporter also asked about Tiger and if he ever just sat down and talked with the girls. Jamie said she spoke to Tiger a lot and they talked about him wearing braces and playing football and stuff so his mouth would end up bloody. She said that she shared stories about her life with him and he seemed interested in that stuff. Loredana said they had conversations but most of the time they were out at clubs so it was hard to talk.

Someone from Sports Illustrated asked about how Howard would handle the apology that tiger made to the public. Howard said he didn’t owe anyone an apology other than his wife. He said he doesn’t think that Tiger cares about any of these girls and he hasn’t learned a thing.

A reporter from the NY Daily News asked if Tiger ever did anything to try and derail the relationships. The girls said he was kind of cheap. Jamie said he never tipped at restaurants. Howard said he over tips all the time. Howard said that Tiger thinks that he’s entitled to everything and that’s why he doesn’t tip. Howard said that he should be tipping these poor people who have to clean up his mess. Howard said he’s more wonderful than anyone.

A reporter from the Huffington Post asked Howard who he thinks has the better mistresses, Elliot Spitzer or Tiger. Howard said that you have to admire the numbers that Tiger got.

Another reporter asked Howard what he learned today. Howard said he thinks that he’s a great host for a pageant like this and he learned many things about how good he is at doing his job.

Steve Langford said they will have some exclusive behind the scenes stuff during the Howard 100 News today. Another reporter asked Jamie if they were surprised at how defensive Jaimee Grubbs was today. Jamie said she was kind of surprised and she did have attitude and she made her uncomfortable. Howard said he didn’t detect that. Jamie said that she sensed that right from the start when she got up on the podium. Loredana agreed with her about that and said she didn’t want to be friends with them.

Ralph Cirella came in and said that Jaimee really did think that she was above the other girls. He heard her out in the hall talking about that.

Howard said that they did a great job with the pageant today and they learned many things. He said he wanted to say something about the three women that competed. He said he had to applaud them all for coming in and he congratulated Jamie Jungers for her win. He said he’s glad they all won money too. He said they all left there winners.

Howard said he wanted the press to make sure they tell their listeners and readers that Tiger tried anal with two of the girls but they both turned him down because of his girth. Howard said that they also learned that he didn’t use a condom with all of the girls. He said that’s like playing Russian Roulette.

Howard thanked the press and wrapped up with them so he could get to Robin’s news. He thanked the girls for coming in and went to break.

Pageant Wrap Up. 03/10/10. 10:30am
After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a pest removal company about some bees they had in their house. Fred also played Van Halen’s ”Jamie’s Crying” as they came back.
Howard came back and said that was the right song to play since Jamie was crying. Howard said that during their pageant there were news reports breaking in and giving the results of their pageant. Howard played some audio from one news report where they broke into their news program and gave the results. They weren’t sure what to do when they found out.

Howard said he thought the winner was sweet. He said she was glad she fucked Tiger. Howard asked Ralph about what he saw out in the hall. Ralph said he should have been a judge. He said that the second girl was smoking hot and that’s the girl they should have voted for. He said that maybe number 3 but not number 1. He said that number 2 was smoking hot. He said she didn’t have any cellulite or anything. Howard said that was Loredana. Howard said she didn’t get any votes. Ralph said he doesn’t get what the criteria was. Howard said it was whatever they wanted it to be.

Howard said Loredana was very attractive but the girl who won had a rockin’ little body. He said that’s what makes a horse race.

Howard took a call from a guy who said that he wanted to congratulate him on one of the best radio segments ever. He said they kept it moving along and it was un-fucking-believable. He also told Ralph to shut the fuck up.

Howard said he wanted to thank everyone for working so hard on this whole thing. He thanked the guys in the office and the Howard TV guys and people like Tim Sabean and Jared Fox.

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