Tim Sabean in Baja

When your day job is running the show for one of radio’s leading personalities, the occasional escape from it all takes on new meaning. Case in point: SVP of Howard Stern Channels, Tim Sabean, whose most recent escape involved dodging cactus, coyotes and scorpions aboard a Honda dirtbike along the Pacific coastline of Baja Mexico.

A novice dirt motorcyclist, Sabean prides himself on straying from the beaten path for his recreational jaunts. Referred by one of Chris Haines’ well-known clients, Sabean booked a four-day motorcycle adventure that would provide a type of experience that few New Yorkers would ever enjoy.

A missed flight from New York nearly sidelined Sabean’s Baja visit, but a late flight and all-night drive south of the border had him waking to the sights and sounds only a morning in coastal Baja can offer. During his ride Sabean’s trailside Tweets included “What a ride!!!!!!!”, “Thanks to the boys at Chris Haines…!!!!” and “You guys are the best!”

Talk of Sabean’s epic getaway also made its way into conversation on the air the following week, and Sabean followed up with an email to the crew of Chris Haines: “Thank you for one of the most incredible weekends of my life! Thank you for one moment in my life I will never forget!”

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