Wcqj.com update

Someone had hacked into the site and put their own code in causing major problems. We think we got them all out but its going to take a few days to make sure.

The site may go offline again but the good news is we will be back to 100% by Monday.

Just in case u were wondering we have not been shut down, don’t worry guys thats not happening anytime soon.

17 thoughts on “Wcqj.com update”

  1. Thanks for bringing it back on! I’m having problems watching most of the vids that are hosted by blogger. Every video I click on says the following:

    “The video is currently not available. Please try again later”

    Is there anything I need to do to remedy this?

  2. Thank god for this site- i listen 24.7 to. What a waiste i pay $25 a month for Howard Tv and they never update the shows! Its the same shows for like weeksThey got 20 years of footage and show the same shows for a “30” minute episode wow! When howwrd was in regualr radio and his E show was on every night it was great- now that u gotta pay for both they suck- ur site is the best-

  3. This site rocks. I wish you had some ’06 shows. I would love to hear some Takei from’06. Keep up the good work and Fuck the hackers and FUCK THE F.C.C. !

  4. Thanks for the website, it’s killer. I listen all day every day. I wish you had a live 100 stream instead of a live 101 stream. I also wish you had some earlier Sirius content, such as ’06 and more of ’07. By the way, Fuck The Hackers and FUCK THE FCC !


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