What Did Ralph Do On New Years Eve?

01/21/10. 8:10am

Richard said this would be a great time to talk about what Ralph did on New Years. Howard said he knew Ralph was going to be alone that night so he invited him over to his house. He had Jimmy Kimmel and Rob Zombie there and a few other people. He said they had a whole dinner and things like that going on. He said he debated on whether or not to invite Ralph that night. He said that Ralph had some drinks and he claims he has no recollection of what he did. Howard said he must have been on something because he didn’t drink that much.

Howard said Ralph gets very physical and he was saying insulting things to the guests. He said he didn’t want to say them on the air because they involve other people.

Richard guessed that he may have insulted Rob Zombie’s movies. Howard said he did say some insulting things. Howard said he didn’t want to pay attention to that stuff though. He said Ralph was belligerent. He said Rob is a great guy and things roll off his back but he was getting into some stuff that just wasn’t right.

Howard said if Ralph calls in and discusses it he’ll talk about it. He said he’s uncomfortable saying some of the things he said. He said if he calls in then he’ll talk about it so he can rebut what he’s saying.

Howard said he would talk about the specifics if he does call in. Robin said she thinks that Ralph is up now listening to this and he’s upset about the Geek Time stuff. Howard said he’ll only do this if Ralph is on the phone. He said he hasn’t talked to him off the air about it. He said Ralph is his friend but he can’t really have him with his friends. He has to think about inviting him to anything like that again.

Howard said this was the last straw and Ralph ruined it. He said that he’s not going to come to his house again. Robin said he’s said that before but he let him come back. Howard said he gave Ralph another chance but this was really the last one.

The caller asked if he could get a tour of the studio since Gary has time for Solitaire. Howard said he would give him that tour. He put him on hold so he could set that up. Howard said this might be the last year that they’re there.

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