Win Sal's Money With Benjy's Girlfriend Sarah

02/03/10. 8:05am
After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a phone sex line using Hate Man audio clips. Fred also played REM’s ”Losing My Religion” as they were coming back.
Howard came back and asked what happened to that guy from REM. Robin said she thinks that they’re inactive right now. She wasn’t sure if they broke up or not.

Howard said that Benjy’s girlfriend Sarah just came in to play against Sal in ”Win Sal’s Money” and Benjy lit up. He said that he looks like he’s in love. Benjy said that he does love her. He said that he thinks she’s a wonderful person. Howard said she’s way in love with Benjy too. He said he thinks that’s what she’s said to him but Benjy wanted her to say it on her own.

Howard said that Sarah has been dating Benjy since she last appeared on the show. Howard said she was trying to date this guy Antonio Sabato Jr. on a TV show and she didn’t seem that interested in him. Howard said she’s more than interested in Benjy though. Howard said that they became friends through Facebook and the rest is history.

Howard had Sarah come in to play the game. He said she was looking as cute as ever. Howard said she looked hot this morning. Sarah thanked him for that. Howard asked if she enjoyed that Christmas party. She said she did. She said she may have grabbed Benjy’s penis but she didn’t remember doing it. She said she does it by habit sometimes.

Howard said that Sarah thinks that she’s more in love with Benjy than she thinks Benjy is with her. Sarah said that Benjy is really cool and likes to talk to her a lot. She said that Sal told her about him and then they found each other on Facebook. Howard said that a lot of guys must hit on her. She said that’s true. She said that Benjy is very persistent. Howard said she must have wondered who this asshole was. She said that Benjy wouldn’t leave her house the first weekend he was there. She said that she didn’t know he wasn’t going to leave.

Howard said Sarah looked really good on the show when she was there and she’s a lot of fun. Howard asked what Benjy wrote to her on Facebook. She said that he asked a lot of questions and made her feel really special. Howard asked bout her working in a strip club and how the guys there must not think of her more than a piece of meat. she said that’s true.

Sarah said that Benjy came in and looked at everything in her apartment and said he wanted to know everything about her. That’s what works for Benjy. Howard said that Sarah wasn’t attracted to Benjy at first. She said that she wasn’t at first. She said he was kind of a turn off at first. Howard said this is a real success story for Benjy and her. He said that she had no interest in him at all on that first date.

Howard asked Sarah if she asked Benjy to leave. She said that he gets you to forget what you’re doing when he’s with you. She said she forgot what she was doing and he wormed his way into her life. Howard asked Sarah when it changed. Sarah said they were still talking after that and they kept talking. She said that there was no romance that first weekend. She said they may have kissed but she doesn’t remember.

Benjy said they were hanging out and there was definitely something going on. They didn’t have sex but they slept in the same bed. Benjy said they didn’t have sex for like a month or two. Sarah said she didn’t want to do anything with anyone. She said it wasn’t just Benjy.

Sarah said that she went to Benjy’s place for their second date. She said that Benjy has what she needs and it might be his imagination sexually. She said that he’s really good that way. Howard said he’s a sexual freak. He asked Sarah if he will say to her that he wants to do something. She said that he’ll just do it. She said that he always turns the lights off. Robin said that’s about right for Benjy. Sarah said that Benjy treats her like a pet. She wasn’t sure exactly what he did and kept saying ”I don’t know…” when they’d ask her about what he does. She said that Benjy does some love talk and tells her that she’s all his and things like that.

Howard asked Sarah if she would be upset if Benjy left her. She said she would be sad. She said she’s attached to him. Howard asked if she’s his girlfriend. She said that she’s not with anyone else but Benjy is the one who is all weird about it. She said she’d like to know that he’s not having sex with anyone else.

Benjy said that he’s exclusive with her right now. Sarah said that he’s a control freak and that’s the one thing that bothers her. Howard asked if Sarah thinks that he loves her. She rolled her eyes. She said that she thinks that he lusts for her but not love. She said she thinks that it’s more about the sex than anything. Benjy said that the first 6 months to a year might be that lust thing.

Sarah said that Benjy likes to teach her stuff and he makes her watch things on TV to learn. She said she just wants to watch TV and not learn sometimes. Benjy said that he is in love with this girl. Howard told him not to waste his time with her if he’s not in love. Benjy said that he’s worried about hurting her and he doesn’t want to do that.

Sarah said that Benjy plays games with her like they’re in high school. She said that he’ll get her riled up and stuff and it’s like he’s trying to make her jealous. Howard told Benjy that she digs him and he has to stop giving her a hard time. Howard asked Sarah what she would do if he asked her to get engaged. She said she wouldn’t do it. She said that Benjy needs to do some work on himself first. She said he needs to grow up. She said she knows that she’s immature but Benjy is really immature.

Sarah said that Benjy’s apartment is one thing he has to clean up. She said he did do that when she told him about it. Sarah said she felt like it was a college dorm room or something.

Howard asked if she’s met his family. Sarah said that she hasn’t met anyone yet. Howard asked her about that and found out that neither of them have introduced the other to their family.

Howard asked how Benjy got her naked the first time. She said that he tells her that she can’t wear clothes in his bed. She also said that she’s never really seen Benjy naked. He wears a t-shirt while they have sex too. Howard said maybe his body is gross. He asked if he’s a good lover. Sarah said he’s up there. She said that he has a big thing. Robin said that he’s said he doesn’t have a big one. Benjy said it’s small when he’s flaccid. Sarah said that they have sex a few times a day when they’re together.

Howard said maybe Benjy is fucking her too much. She said she likes it. Howard asked if it’s too much. She said she loves sex and he’s able to give her an orgasm. She said that she’d rather fuck him than have him lick her too. Howard said he hears that a lot from women lately.

Howard said Benjy is a lucky man. He said that Sarah is a beautiful woman. Benjy said that he thought she was stunning looking that first day she was in there. Howard asked if she gives him ass play. Sarah said she doesn’t do that. Sarah said that Benjy will tease her about it but they don’t do that. Benjy said that it’s better in the mind than the real thing.

Howard asked Sarah if she would bring other women into bed. She said that Benjy brings that up all the time but they haven’t done that yet. She said that she might be able to find someone but it might take a while.

Howard asked Sarah if she thinks that Benjy won’t take his shirt off because he’s afraid that his boobs are bigger than her’s. She just laughed.

Howard asked Sarah what she’s doing for work. She used to strip and she hasn’t been doing that lately. She said that she’s not stripping now and she’s trying to get a job as a bartender. She said she has savings from the stripping thing so that’s what she’s living off of right now. She said that she doesn’t let Benjy support her. Benjy said that she won’t let him pay for anything with her.

Sarah said she had an older guy who used to buy her stuff. She said that he bought her a car, new boobs and more. She said that they didn’t even have sex. she said that he bought her a new BMW and after that he started to expect things. Sarah said she had a bunch of sugar daddies who got mad when she started dating Benjy. She wasn’t having sex with anyone though. She said they were all single. One guy was over 70. She said that guy didn’t even tell her how old he was. She said she had to google him to find out how old he was.

Howard said that Benjy should be complimented by this because she’s in love with him and he’s not a sugar daddy. Benjy said that he has told her that he loves her. Sarah said that he says ”wove” and not ”love.” Benjy said he’s just not looking to jump into an engagement type of relationship. He said that he does love her though.

Howard said it’s amazing that she has to pursue him. She said that she started talking to another guy and Benjy found out and then invited her to the Christmas Party. She said that Benjy made her sign a contract saying that she couldn’t have emotional feelings for anyone else and she could only have ”fun.”

Sarah said that she took it seriously but Benjy was saying it was just a joke. Benjy said that its’ a different relationship now.

Howard had JD come in to talk about this. JD said this was wild and there’s a lot going on there with those two. He said that he’s not going to start doing contracts like Benjy is doing.

Howard said Benjy is the real thing and he’s like Hugh Hefner or Huge Heifer. Howard said that she’s buying Benjy meals and he’s making her sign contracts. He told JD to hang out with Benjy more.

Howard asked Sarah if she ever did anything with Antonio Sabato Jr. She said that they met after the shoot and they had sex. She said that Benjy is better than he was. She said that Benjy stimulates her mind. She said that Antonio didn’t say much. She said that Antonio had a big cock though.

Howard said this is an amazing story to him. He asked if Benjy let her wear panties today. She said that she was wearing them but Benjy didn’t make her.

Sarah said that Benjy checked out her outfit before the Christmas party. She said he made her Skype him before the party. Benjy moved his way over to her and Howard told him to get back to his seat. Benjy said he couldn’t look at her over there.

Howard said that some women had a negative reaction to her at the party. Benjy said he thought she was getting nervous so that’s why he went over to her. Howard told him to get back to his seat. They said Sarah was acting weird when Benjy went over to her. Fred said it looked like the way a dog reacts when it gets hit.

Howard asked Sarah about the Christmas party and how she was climbing up on Ronnie while they danced. Sarah said she was just having fun.

Howard said Sarah is there for a reason. She’s there to play ”Win Sal’s Money” and she’s the first contestant to ever play. Howard said that they have a $5,000 prize for the game. Sal came in and Howard said that he was the first one to have physical contact with her. She was grabbing at his crotch on one show she was on.

Howard said that they asked Sarah questions the last time she was on and she didn’t know the answers to many of the questions they had. Howard said that she was giving goofy answers for all of the questions they asked.

Howard asked Sal if he’s been studying at all. Sal said he won’t waste his time with that. He said there is no reason to study.

Howard got to the game and said that he was going to isolate Sal and ask Sarah her questions. She had a minute to answer 7 questions. Here are the questions and answers:

What brothers are credited with inventing the airplane? – The Wright Brothers
What president created The New Deal? – F.D.R.
Name the two countries involved in the cold war. – United States and Russia
Who is Margaret Thatcher? – The former prime minister of England
Who is the prime minister (or Premiere) of Cuba? – Fidel Castro (Question thrown out)
Kim Jong Il is the leader of what country? – North Korea
How many syllables in the word Encyclopedia? – Six
Sarah got two right. She got number 1 and number 7 correct. Howard went over the questions and Gary said he’s not sure Sal will win. Benjy said that they studied the wrong stuff. He asked her some questions of his own and she got a bunch right. Howard asked her a bunch more and she didn’t get them all right either. Howard said that some of them were probably too tough for her. Benjy said she did great though.

Howard had Sal come in to answer the same questions. Sal got 4 right. He got 1, 4, 5 and 7 correct. Howard told Sal he’s not that smart. He only got a couple more than Sarah did. Howard said that they were going to take out the Cuba question since that wasn’t really right. Howard said Sal beat Sarah 3 to 2 if they took out the Castro question.

Howard asked Sal some more questions that he asked Sarah and Sal was getting those wrong too. Sal didn’t know what the Alamo was or what country Siberia was in. Howard asked Sal a bunch of other questions and he did get a couple right. He got a few more than Sarah did.

Howard asked Sal if he’s jealous of Benjy dating this chick. Sal said he is kind of jealous. He said he was the one who introduce the two of them. He said he was the one who told her about Benjy.

Gary said that Sarah is supposed to be getting naked since she lost. Howard said he didn’t know there was a bonus today. Benjy told her it was totally up to her because she was looking at him for approval.

Sarah said that everyone was staring at her. Sal said of course they are. He asked if he’s supposed to stare at his feet while her tits are flopping out.

Sal offered to help Sarah get something off. Benjy told him not to help and went over to help her himself. Howard said that Sarah is hot. She was really naked in there. Gary told Benjy to get out of the shot because he was blocking the view. Howard said she looks great.

Benjy was feeling kind of possessive with her naked in there. Howard asked if they had a prize for Sarah. He said she didn’t win the 5 grand so maybe something else. Benjy was getting a little weird with her so Howard had to ask him to stop. Howard said that they were going to give Sarah a gold rose and a $500 prize from Steven Singer Jewelers.

Gary asked Benjy to kiss her. He didn’t believe that they were a couple. Sarah called him over and made out with him for a few seconds. Howard said that was fun. Sal asked her if she wanted to touch his cock for old times sake. She said she did. She said she likes Sal’s cock. Sal said his wife is going to kill him. He laughed as he said that though.

Ralph called in and said that hot chicks are dopey and anyone can get a hot chick. Ralph said that she’s stimulated by Benjy’s mind and anyone can get a girl if they’re like that. You don’t have to be a hot guy to get a hot chick. He said that he knows Benjy so on the Stern Show but that’s not what you need all the time.

Howard had this guy Glavin on the phone. He was a former boyfriend of Sarah’s. Sarah said that this guy hates her now. The caller said that he loves the show. He said he thinks the show is fantastic. He said he wanted to say that Sarah is a hypocrite because she hates Howard. Sarah said she does not and the guy was just a loser.

Howard let that guy go and took another call. That guy asked who else she would have sex with on the show other than Benjy. Howard asked if she had eyes for anyone else. Sarah said she does like Sal. She said Benjy gets mad when she says that. Sal said he’s cursed. Howard said Sal is a lot of fun. Howard asked if his penis bothers her. She aid that Antonio was uncircumcised too so that doesn’t bother her at all.

Howard took another call from a guy who asked about the party and if she was showing her vag there. Sarah said she didn’t do it on purpose. She said she has a habit of touching herself though. She said she didn’t finger herself.

Another caller asked about the game and why Howard is so lenient with the game. He said that Sal barely won. They also talked about how nuts Sal is when it came to the Cold War question. Sal didn’t know that he had lived through it. Sal said he thought it was with countries that were cold and had said that they were Iceland and England. Sal said he figured that it was cold in the war and had no clue about what it was really about.

Howard said that Sal was embarrassing himself. Sal didn’t seem to care and said that’s not unusual. Howard said it has to be eating Sal up inside that Sarah is in love with him too. Benjy said that she’s not in love with Sal.

The caller asked Sal if his wife would mind if he did something with Sarah. Sal said he thinks that he’s at a point in his relationship that he might be able to do something and she wouldn’t get upset. He said that some women divorce over that kind of thing but it’s just a way to kick them out of the house and take their money. He said if they’re not fucking then why does it matter who he’s going out and fucking.

Howard said that Sarah’s boobs looked amazing. Sarah thanked him for that. Howard said she didn’t win $5,000 but she does get to walk out with 5,000 pounds of Benjy. Sal helped out with that joke.

Benjy was going to give her a plug for something but she didn’t want him to. The two of them were whispering back and forth. Benjy said that she’s looking for some normal jobs where she can stay clothed. He said she wants to bar tend or do some modeling. Howard said that Benjy is going to get jealous if she’s out bartending. Benjy said he’ll be fine with that as long as she’s happy.

Howard asked if she gives a good lap dance. Sarah said she gives great ones. Gary asked if they could see her demonstrate one on Sal. Benjy said he minded that but it was up to her. Howard said that Benjy couldn’t deal with that. Benjy said he would prefer it not happen but he can deal with it. Sarah said that he might hate fuck her later if she does it. Howard said he’s tired of this and had to bring it to an end. They went to break after that.

More Benjy And Sarah. 02/03/10. 9:15am
After the break we heard a prank call Sal and Richard made to a restaurant where they took their time placing their order which pissed off the guys taking the orders. Fred also played Queen’s ”Fat Bottom Girls” as they were coming back.
Howard came back and said he gets upset when they say that Adam Lambert is the new Freddy Mercury. He said that Freddy had a lot more talent than Adam Lambert does. Howard said that Freddy could write his own songs. Howard sang along to the song a little bit.

Howard said the show went by fast this morning. He said that most of it went to Benjy and his girlfriend. He said Benjy is still out there controlling everything out there. Robin said then he denies that he’s controlling. She said that she’s not sure it’s going to work out if it keeps up like that. Howard said she actually yelled at Benjy in the green room. She wanted to talk to the camera and Benjy wouldn’t let her. Benjy said that he wasn’t getting mad and she thought he was.

Howard told Gary not to think he forgot about his tape. Gary said he didn’t. Howard said Benjy walked Sarah to the elevator so Sal wouldn’t get a hold of her. Benjy said he didn’t want them doing hijinx with her.

Howard said Sarah looked really good and he found out that she’s 30 years old. Howard said she looks great for her age. Benjy was trying to talk with a mouth full of food so Howard gave up on the conversation.

Robin said that she was thinking about inviting Sarah to a party she’s throwing. She said that she likes Sarah a lot. Robin said that she’s throwing the party for Shuli’s wife and Richard’s fiancee. Howard said she should have her there.

Gary asked if Robin knows either of the names for Shuli’s wife and Richard’s fiancee. Robin knew it was Christine and Kristin. She said she was going to invite most of the wives and girlfriend’s of the staff so she might have to invite Sarah too. Howard told her she has to invite her because he has to hear all about it.

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