No more XM in SIRIUS XM

Howard was going to take a call and he was saying that he’s no longer going to say SIRIUS XM. He said he was listening to an XM radio the other day and they were just saying XM radio. Howard said if they don’t have to say SIRIUS XM then he’s not going to say XM. Howard asked where the quality control is around there. Howard said they merged so they should be using the same name everywhere.

Howard asked if anyone there is listening to the radio there. Howard said he wanted to call someone but he figured no one would listen to him. Howard said he was fuming mad.

Howard said they need a new name for the company. He said maybe they should just call it SIRIUS and leave out XM completely. Howard said that he was driving around hearing XM radio and he wasn’t able to enjoy his triumph of taking the company over.

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